Auction Watch #52

Class A auctions normally garner a little extra attention. But does that attention translate into dollar value?

There are auction examples that help both sides of the argument. The one consistent correlation with Class A auctions is that the more popular the Class A figure, the more likely it is that the price will increase. This auction, 1980’S MUSCLE MEN KINNIKUMAN FIGURE LOT OF 10, is interesting for two reasons: (1) it is the second recorded Class A auction from the seller jarmestoys; and (2) the Class A figures featured are not considered popular figures.

Jarmestoys’ first auction, that was featured in Auction Watch #37, did not meet the expectations regarding its final sale price. This auction is similar in many regards. It features a small number of figures, fair shipping, a reasonable starting bid (although higher than last time), and basic description:

This auction is for a lot of 10 vintage 1980’s Muscle Men figures. Included is 1 purple, 2 red, 1 orange, 2 purplish pink and 4 flesh colored figures. Good played with condition with very minor play wear and marks. Combined shipping is always welcome, please ask for quote. See my other auctions for more Muscle Men figures.

However this time her auction features two Class A figures: Magenta #17 and Red #138. Neither of these figures are widely popular. Magenta #17 is a Muscleman figure, but it is probably one of the least popular versions of the figure. Minimally it is less popular than the #1 version or the #141 version.

Red #138 is much harder to classify in terms of popularity. He certainly is not a figure that inspires legions of loyal followers, like #153. However, he is a very unique sculpt. These types of figures often have a core group of collectors or, at least, a collector that love the figure. The question is how much would a #138 collector be willing to pay?

This auction is very hard to predict. It is likely to draw some attention from prospectors looking to buy Class A figures at what they see as an inexpensive low price – eventually planning on reselling them at inflated prices. This interest will drive the price up. The question then becomes, how much collectors are willing to pay.

If Auction Watch #37 is a good indicator, then the final price might be around $60~$70. If Auction Watch #46 is a good indicator, then the final price might be as low as $30~$40. If Magenta #17 and Red #138 are more popular than widely realized, then the auction could end up over $300 – but that seems highly unlikely.

The final price of this auction will be $56.50.

It is also important to note that this Auction Watch is based on the thread found by Bill Raeth and Eric Nilla.

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  1. #1 by vette88 on January 22, 2011 - 1:32 pm

    Final price was $104.50. Same person won all 4 auctions from the person. High auction was over $300.

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