Updates for the Manufacturing Error and Warped Archives

#17 – A Tortured Error

Back in January there was a Mysterious #17 error. The prevailing theory was the figure was an error with his left arm cut off. James was able to confirm this hypothesis. He won the figure and sent in the following pictures.

It is a shame that this unique figure was tortured, but this was probably the fate for most of these figures. It is easy to imagine frustrated kids taking out their frustrations on the perfectly imperfect figures.

Being able to get a good look at that left arm fuels another hypothesis. Given how it looks kind of pinched together, I believe the figure’s arm was taken off with a toenail clipper. It is an easy to use tool that wouldn’t have made mom or dad angry. Grabbing a toenail clipper wouldn’t even cause suspicion from even the most overly protective mother.

Angle #1

Angle #2

The Cut Arm

That’s not the only error that needs to be added to the archive. Three more figures, including what might be the most minor error ever. Basically the opposite of this guy.

#32 – Most Minor Error
From: eBay

#64 – No Hands
From: Tommy

#163 – No Hands
From: Tanner

One other figure also needs to be added to the Manufacturing Error Archive. It is an injection tag for M.U.S.C.L.E. figure #24.

#24 – Injection Tag

#24 – Angle 2

The Warped Figure Archive is also receiving some new additions. The #19 and #185 M.U.S.C.L.E. figures come from Daniel. Damn Daniel. Those are some nice Warped figures. The #78 figure comes from LRG user fisheye.

#19 – Doing a Hop-Step

#78 – Looking at the Stars

#185 – Right Hand on Hip

Do you have an error or warp to share? Pictures of Warped and Manufacturing Error figures are always being accepted. Please send any pictures and a brief explanation to uofmuscle@gmail.com.

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