New 4-Pack for Archive

LB, S, O, M

It has been a very long time since we updated the 4-pack color combination archive.

This Light Blue (LB), Salmon (S), Orange (O), and Magenta (M) combination was sent in by Nick M..

I’d still love to figure out if every color combination was made. I’d still like to focus on two different groups of Dark Blue combinations. If we can provide examples of each of these combinations, then I believe ever color combination is possible. If not, then we have a new riddle to solve.

Key: Dark Blue (DB), Light Blue (LB), Green (G), Red (R), Salmon (S), Orange (O), Magenta (M), and Purple (P)

The first combination only has one documented example.

  1. DB, LB, G, R
  2. DB, LB, G, S
  3. DB, LB, G, O
  4. DB, LB, G, M
  5. DB, LB, G, P

I selected the second combination because half are already documented.

  1. DB, G, R, S
  2. DB, G, R, O
  3. DB, G, R, M
  4. DB, G, R, P

Does anyone have a 4-pack with any of the above combinations?

If you do, then please send the pictures to

And if you have any undocumented 4-packs, then I would love to add those to the archive too. Those pictures can also be sent to

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