Art 200: Puripuriman from Luke Harris

Luke Harris’ Puripuriman will be the first figure to receive the new Objective/Subjective review. An editorial from February mentioned the need for this switch. The objective section will be written in third person and the subjective will be written in first person.

by Luke Harris (Imperfecz Toyz)

Puripuriman by Luke Harris (Imperfecz Toyz)

Puripuriman (also known as Monsieur Cheeks) is a Kinnikuman character that, until Luke Harris’ figure, has not been immortalized as a keshi figure for collectors. It is surprising that more artists have not tapped into the existing set of Kinnikuman characters that do not have keshi figures.



The character is essentially half-man and half-ass. And Luke’s creation accurately reflects the original Kinnikuman character. The only minor omission appears to be on the wrists. The Kinnikuman character appears to have large spiked bracelets. This minor detail is missing from the figure.

The figure is cast in a soft rubber, much closer to an original keshi figure than a M.U.S.C.L.E. figure. This is a wise choice because it further fuels the impression that the figure is an original Japanese keshi. The casting is very detailed without any obvious loss of sculpt detail. There is a small amount of extra flashing. The degree of negative impact this has for a collector will vary. If the figure is part of a collection on a shelf, then it is not very noticeable. If the picture is closely inspected (as it is in the pictures), then it is more noticeable.


I waivered where to put this compliment, because I feel it is almost an objective compliment. The workmanship of the Puripuriman is so outstanding that it is difficult to identify which pieces are completely original and which pieces are kit-bashed from another figure. It is perhaps the greatest praise that can be given a figure like Luke’s creation.

I have never felt the need to collect all of the Non-M.U.S.C.L.E. sculpts from the original Kinnikuman release of figures. However, Luke’s creation makes me wish more artists would create figures inspired by unmade Kinnikuman keshi. The enthusiasm and passion to create a figure like Puripuriman is palpable and infectious.

This is the type of mini-figure that should be a no-brainer addition to any collection. And priced at only $10 (at the time of purchase) makes it even easier. Unfortunately it looks like the Imperfecz Store is currently sold out. However, Luke Harris is a smart man. If collectors contact him, then I am sure he would be happy to create another batch of figures – maybe even in a sparkly brown-poop color?

Back of the Header Card


The last note is the header card. I remember someone once saying, basically, “I collect figures, not header cards.” That’s painfully true, but header cards can’t be ignored when they are part of the figure’s first impression. The Puripuriman header card is perfect for the figure. Being fecally-inspired could have created an utterly disgusting header card. Luke was able to walk a very fine line and ultimately created a perfectly representative card. Even the “Free Crappy Header Card” joke works – which is a real risk, jokes that fail are painful and awkward.

Luke Harris has created a really fun and masterfully executed figure with Puripuriman. The fact that it has sold out at his store speaks even further to its popularity. Hopefully Luke provides collectors another opportunity to add Puripuriman to their collections.

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  1. #1 by Imperfecz on June 20, 2013 - 1:41 am

    Back in stock! Let me know if there’s anything else you guys need…
    Great review & as always…. love this place! Thanks for putting in all the time and research.

  2. #2 by mike on June 20, 2013 - 3:23 am

    Does he have a butt where his butt would go? Which end does he poop out of?

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