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Skreeee Figures Art Toys

Packaged Skreeeee Figures CardedObjective:
Jeff D’Ottavio and Bad Luck Jimmy (previously known as IRONHAUS Productions) produced a central figure (Skreeee) with three sidekicks. The figures were packaged in a resealable blister card. All of the figures were sculpted by Jimmy. He was also the creator of the small sticker and cardback art.

The figures are available in a keshi-like rubber. They were only produced in a a M.u.S.C.L.E.-like Flesh color. The set cost $25.

The sidekick figures are smaller than a M.U.S.C.L.E. minifigure, but Skreeee is a little bit larger.

There’s no question that Jimmy is the Undisputed King of Microfigures. Taking a look at these Skreeee figures, or any of his previous figures, it is a obvious title.

Skreeee Sticker ArtBut I have to start with one small complaint. Jimmy has produced so many lines of minifigures I’m not always sure which sets belong to which series. With the Skreeee I thought maybe he was Gorewads, or UofV, or maybe even Gutter Kawaii. He is not a part of those lines.

It feels like a little bit of a missed opportunity. Minifigure collectors tend to be completionists. Could it result in more sales for continuing a line? I don’t know; maybe or maybe not. It just feels like some of these figures could exist in a shared universe.

Maybe I just love all the figures and this thought is only in my head. Let’s get back to Skreeee.

The level of detail Jimmy is able to attain with his microfigures is always amazing. When he allows to work on a larger figure the detailing is simply shocking.

As I continue to write figure reviews I notice certain consistencies. One of those consistencies is being hyper-attracted to a certain feature of the figure. For Skreeee it is his smile.

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art“Wait, do you mean his teeth?”

Well, yes – but it is much more than just his teeth. His teeth remind me of the person with nice teeth that has never had braces; more beautiful in their perfect minor, minor imperfection.

Look at the way the lips are moving. Look at the distance of the lips from the teeth. Look at how the top and bottom of the mouth connect. All of these things make Skreeee’s smile inviting, mischievous, scary, and sinister.

Do other people like the words sculpted into the character? I imagine reactions are absolute. You love them or hate them; nothing else. I wasn’t crazy about them at first. When I saw them online I didn’t like “DIE” on his face. Another example of needing a figure in your hand before fully judging.

Skreeee Figure Minifigure ArtWhen I saw “EAT” on the back of his head I instantly loved the words.

When I saw “DIE” I thought it was supposed to be scary. It felt too obvious and on-the-nose.

When I saw “BAD LUCK” I thought it was supposed to be an artist’s signature. It felt unnecessary.

Skreeee Figure Minifigure ArtWhen I saw “EAT” my imagination was engaged. Why was it there? Who wrote it? Did Skreeee put these things on himself? Why would he put “EAT” where he couldn’t see it? Did someone else put these words on Skreeee?

I know I often talk about imaginations being engaged in my reviews. At this point readers probably agree, disagree, or completely ignore that portion. I continue to come back to it because it is the cleanest, clearest connection to M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. I see plenty of minifigure that are technically nice; they look great. Why don’t I care about those?

Because I don’t feel that M.U.S.C.L.E. connection. M.U.S.C.L.E. figures were a mystery to me. I had to imagine every detail. When new figures can do that for me it is a momentary time machine back to my childhood. I respect and admire any artist that can evoke that kind of emotion.

Skreeee might be the central figure in this set, but he has three tiny sidekicks.

Skreeee MUSCLE Figure Comparison

M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure Size Comparison

The first, which was used for the size comparison, felt both familiar and foreign. I liked not being able to say, “Oh, he’s the ghost figure.” I have no idea what he is supposed to be – and that is 100% a compliment.

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

Did you notice the larger, more pronounced opening under the one eye? I’m not sure if those are supposed to be on each side. I hope not, because I love the one offset mouth (I thought it was a mouth). It reminded me of the mouth from The Martians from Sesame Street.

The next sidekick reminded me of a heart.

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

It reminded me so much of a heart that I Googled heart diagrams. I wondered if it was almost copied. It wasn’t, but there has to be some significant inspiration.

Finally, the sidekick that reminded me of the classic chattering teeth novelty toy.

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

Skreeee Figure Minifigure Art

As I finished this review I was ready to say, “It’s too bad this aren’t still available.” To my total bewilderment the figures are still available.

Spend the $25. These should be in your collection.

On Instagram, keep an eye on bad_luck_jimmy and thatdamnjdo. You don’t want to miss out on figures from these guys.

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