Very Minor Batman v Superman Update

Two nights ago I noticed the BvS crew rigging some lighting at a nearby hotel. Sadly I didn’t have my phone with me. Thankfully last night the kids wanted to go out to dinner, and after wanted to “drive by Metropolis” afterwards. (It’s what we’ve started calling it.)

Since setting up the rigging yesterday at the hotel it has been covered with tarps. I have to imagine it is green screen. I feel very confident that this is the case, because otherwise the exterior would be a strip mall, fast food restaurant, and maybe some trees and homes in the distance. None of these things give a Metropolis and/or Gotham feel.

The view from outside the hotel.

Here are three other hotel-related pictures, but they don’t offer very much more: one, two, and three. I think I just got excited.

If I may speculate widely and irresponsibly, I am assuming the background will be something of moderate significance and visual complexity. Detroit has plenty of hotel rooms in, and around, the city. And plenty of hotel rooms downtown which could, at least, start as a template for Metropolis or Gotham. Even going across the river into Windsor, Canada is an option. It is for that reason I believe the hotel scene’s background will have moderate significance and/or visual complexity.

We also saw that the wind had blown down part of the LexCorp logo tarp. The kids were very excited. However, Chris beat us to the punch. But here’s the logo from a slightly different angle.

Just another tease of the LexCorp logo.

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