Epilogue – Week of August 24th

The posts slowed down for two reasons over the past two weeks: (1) I signed a NDA because I was an extra on a Warner Brothers movie; and (2) I took my boys camping for a few days. Throw a little work in there and UofM went on the back burner.

So where do I start? It feels like I haven’t been on the internet for two full weeks – so much has happened. I need to focus.

They thought about about Lex when they built the Wayne County Building!
From Nailhead.com

I can’t share anything I saw on the Warner Bros. production where I was an extra. Frankly, there isn’t much to report. In my “real life” I am, let’s call it, a “business consultant.” While I was there it was hard for me to turn-off my consultative side. One thing kept popping into my mind – equity theory. It is a theory that basically states that people in a workplace will behave in a way that they feel properly compensates them for their contribution. For example, if a receptionist feels that she isn’t paid enough, then she may leave work early or steal copier paper or sleep on the job. She will do whatever she feels makes things “fair.”

If movie studios, and related entities, wanted to have better control of information leaks, then they should be paying attention to this theory. I live in metro Detroit. The Batman movie (never the Superman movie) being filmed comes up in more conversations than you would think. Right now it is akin to talking about the weather or the Tigers. And I can tell you people break their NDA.

Why? Sure they are excited. And, of course, they want to brag about their experience. But a story needs to have a hook – something that makes it worthwhile. People talk about the details from the movie because they want their time to have been worthwhile. Most people would value their time at more than the few dollars they are paid per hour. Having something interesting to say brings added value to their time and experience.

So let me share some of the equitable thoughts that I have heard from people in weather/Tigers/Batman chit-chats.

1. Washington, DC
Is anybody really surprised? Superman is an American icon. You knew he had to show up there.

But here’s what other people told me: Superman is not just in trouble for Metropolis. He’s in trouble for some things in other countries too. It appears that the Wayne County Building was used for filming. Taking a look at the Wayne County Building in pictures, could it be used as a Washington DC location? Using logic and basic US governmental knowledge, then one could assume Investigative Congressional Hearings would be the first step in “taking action.” I don’t want to reveal what I know, but I was very interested to see this story pop-up.

My emotional reaction to that story was my memories of Action Comics #631. Not so much the exact story, but I remember reading the Superman comics of that period and it feeling like Superman was trying to find his place in the modern world. How did he handle wars and conflicts? What was the right choice or action? What are the outcomes of those choices? And that is an issue Superman comics have faced since World War II.

A wheelchair? What’s the story?

2. Green Legs
Again, I can’t say anything about what I know.

However, I understand in a new way why celebrities get upset with the paparazzi. If you took my picture at a random time during the day, then you could probably construct any story you wanted. The truth wouldn’t have to factor in AT ALL. For example, I found this picture of a Hollywood star Michelle Williams in a wheelchair. Without any context you can make up any story. Was the wheelchair for a movie? Is she clinically lazy and needs a wheelchair? You have no idea about the truth or the wheelchair.

One last thing, I saw the story going around that Warner Bros. has said, “No jokes.” From a simple logic and storytelling standpoint I can’t imagine that story to be true. One of the most important things that make us human is laughter – which I see as a huge opportunity for Warner Bros. and DC.

One of my best friends and I often talk comics. We both agree that Superman comics are the hardest to write. Part of the reason we liked reading them was to see if a writer could conquer the challenge. And we both agreed that most writers fail. They fail because Superman, and many DC heroes, are given God-like status – or that’s what most comic snobs want to argue is the difference between DC and Marvel. If you believe DC has “Gods,” then laughter and humor should be the role for humans.

Jesse Eisenberg has a reputation for being an asshole. Quite a few people I spoke with agreed with that reputation. I spoke with one person who said that the opposite was true. She said that he was constantly trying to make people laugh. She was never entirely clear if it was during or between scenes – I had the sense she was telling the story second hand, but I didn’t want to call her on it.

My hope is that it was during the scene. If Lex tries to be funny, then he’s going to be harder to root against. He will be less evil genius and more of a fearful human – which is a much more relatable idea. Will that concept be used? I honestly don’t know, but I would love to see it.

Ok, let’s talk about some M.U.S.C.L.E. stuff.

The free shipping makes this an attractive auction to me.
$4.99 or $3.99 – it’s all shit.
Seems a bit high for these two keshi. Agree? Disagree?
Free shipping helps this lot of 34 figures.
My logical brain tells me the cardbacks are trash, but they’re still tough to recycle.
Which is worse? Calling it a “lot” or a “M.U.S.C.L.E.?”
$1 opening bid and free shipping.
Forget the price. If I had to buy one urinal-based figure, then this is the one.
Win this auction and get the dirtiest #109 ever.
146 Flesh figures.
In my mind, if the clamps aren’t perfect, then you can’t charge more than $15.
What is this?
If I ever needed to waste exactly $224.99, then I would consider this.

But what kind does it get you?

I wish there were more auctions, but right now there just aren’t many worth pointing out.

In Detroit we have something called Cruise Woodward. It’s basically a really huge, free classic car show. I grew up near the hub of Cruise Woodward. The cruise brings a wide swath of humanity. It was charming at first, but now it is one of my greatest pet peeves.

When I saw the picture to the right I laughed, wished it had a question mark, and thought of Cruise Woodward.

I must confess, I’m not a car guy. I simply don’t care about them. At all. In fact I’ve always scoffed at the idea that a car could get you a woman – but it probably can get you a certain type of woman. Maybe both of these cars get you a type of woman?

But I imagine people come at this little meme with a certain perspective. So I tried to imagine how the “Agree” and “Disagree” would imagine the type of woman attracted to the car. Here’s my best attempt, let me know what you think.

“That’s funny, because it’s true!”-guy

51 MPG Hippie Chick


THAT’s what you get.

“That not true at all.”-guy

51 MPG


The woman that cares about THAT car.



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