Epilogue – Week of August 31st

If you are not an LRG member and also a M.U.S.C.L.E. collector, then you better sign up. One of the Magnificent 11 (scroll down about halfway) is being sold on LRG sold on LRG right now.

Wait. If you don’t have an extra $2,500, then you probably don’t need to sign up – but it’s still pretty cool. The Brocken Jr. figure is being sold by Mr. T (screen name, sadly not the actual Mr. T; fuck that would be so cool). I think it’s notable because it’s the first time the figure has come up for sale since Jon originally sold it.

Regardless of any collectors feeling about price, Non-Poster figures, or anything else, good or bad, related to this auction; it is exciting to see an Alpha figure for sale.

Just yesterday I received a comment asking about final guesses on the prices of auctions. Given that this situation isn’t an auction it takes that part out. I do believe that the figure will sell very quickly and probably at the $2,500 asking price. If it doesn’t sell quickly, then I’m sure it will end up on eBay (starting at $0.99 – 😉 ) and end up with a final price pretty close to $2,500.

If you want to check out more picture, here is a link. I’ve also saved a couple for prosperity’s sake.

If I needed the board game, then I would certainly consider this auction.
Please. Just change this to an auction starting at $0.99 already.
I bet it’s the “+1 EXTRA” driving up the price.
Nothing to do with M.U.S.C.L.E., but came up in search. You have to see it.
Fuck yeah I’ll bid. Free shipping and a $0.01 opening bid.
When I saw this sold, I had to double check that I hadn’t missed something.
90 Flesh figures.
I’ve lost count. How many weeks has it been for this idiot?
$11.50 plus $11.50 shipping. Guess the item.
Yes, it’s a Class B. And yes, it’s a nice figure in Light Blue. But spending more than $1?
Part of me wants to spend the $0.99 to give Terri-Bull the burial he deserves.
43 figures, starting at $0.99, and free shipping. Nice.
“RARES!!!!! L@@K!!!!” Internet nails on an internet chalkboard to me.
I bet the offers on that SC were about half the BIN price.
$1. Maybe $2. Those are the best offers.
Shipping is high, but not the worst lot of 26 figures.
As a part of that lot, those figures are never being saved.
Never thought a tip like this would have to be shared: Never put the worst figure front and center.

I specifically remember when KFC came out with their “crazy” two chicken breast sandwich (I had to Google the name – the Double Down). I remember people freaking out; thinking it was so gross and so crazy. At the time I thought, “That doesn’t sound good. I wouldn’t eat it. But it’s not that crazy.” It felt like a contrived viral marketing campaign.

On Tuesday I came across something that might also be a viral marketing campaign. The important difference is that this one made me sick. Arby’s is offering, for $10, the “Meat Mountain.” According to the Vice President of Brand and Corporate Communications it was made for people asking about the marketing poster that showed all of the Arby’s meats. Right.

Real. Viral. Contrived. Whatever. It is fucking gross. When I saw that picture, to the right, I felt sick. Not a joke. Not an exaggeration. I felt sick. If you eat that, then the terrorists win.

I mentioned some Batman v Superman stuff last week. No reaction. Maybe there wasn’t anything there of interest. Maybe people didn’t read between the lines. Thankfully this week I have some punch-you-in-the-nose-simple rumors.

The Detroit chit-chat continues. I’m very tired of hearing how nice Henry Cavill is to fans. It’s great. He should be – but please stop telling me. I want something good. I think these two stories are pretty good.

1. That Picture.
Thank god for two nerds coming together. Remember that picture that people thought looked like the Comedian from Watchmen?

Well I talked to someone that actually saw it. And the picture behind it. They said there was nothing “up close” that offered clarity to who the person was that looked a bit like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. However the second picture was not Martha Wayne. It wasn’t even a woman. My source said it looked like “that deep voice sleazy guy from the Geico commercial” just standing there. That guy is Michael McGlone.

I have no idea what that means. But, the source was nerdy enough that I trust them. They might be wrong (in that it’s not that guy), but I feel 100% confident the other picture does look something like they described.

2. The Green Legs Jimmy Olsen Rumor.
As I said last week, I can’t say anything regarding what I saw. I won’t.

Thankfully I can tell you stories I have been told. Obviously there have been lots of rumors and speculation regarding who Scoot McNairy is playing in Batman v Superman. I wasn’t told who he was playing, but I heard an interesting story. My source said that McNairy’s stand-in, and all the stand-ins, wear name tags. My source said that “Keefe” was the name on McNairy’s stand-in.

Again, I have no idea what that means. But, again, I trust the source. Maybe a Batman/Superman fan can make sense of it?


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