Auction Watch #287

It looks like Auction Watch isn’t dead. It’s just an infrequent, maybe monthly, feature. This time AW limps into existence thanks to eBay seller: hauss03.

He has three listings with Class A figures and all of them start at $0.99. Thank you!

The first listing, Class A M.U.S.C.L.E.: Red #110, is the only Class A listing from hauss03 that has a single figure.

The last Red #110, documented on this website, sold for $2.47 five years ago. My guess is that it ends in a very similar spot.

The second listing, Class A M.U.S.C.L.E: Purple #77 and Red #108, has two figures in the listing.

The Purple #77 has never been sold in a lot that gives a good sense of it’s price. It has been documented twice being sold in lots that sold for $330 and $56.03. I don’t believe Purple #77 drove those prices up.

A Red #108 was highlighted in AW #198 and with a little searching it turns out that the final sale price was $19.38. He popped-up in AW #171 too, but I couldn’t find a final price.

I’m not expecting this lot to climb over $20, but I will be curious to watch it.

The third listing, Class A M.U.S.C.L.E: Red #112 and Red #113, made me a little frustrated.

Not because of the price or anything, but because AW #158 features a Red #112 figure and I didn’t record the final price. Shame on me.

At least I have a final price for the Red #113 in AW #187, right? RIGHT?!?!

Wrong. Damn it.

My errors of omission make me the most interested in this third listing. I think it will be the highest priced of the three listings.

What is my guess for the final price? I think it will be around $35, but I feel like I’m pulling that figure out of the air. This lot could end at $350 or $3,500 or $3.50. I honestly don’t know about this one. That’s why I’m so excited to see it end.

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