Anthropology 200 – Large MUSCLEMANIA Update

Kyle Fait's Collection

Thanks to Kyle Fait there has been an extensive addition of MUSCLEMANIA figures, and even two new 4-packs, to the visual archive of Anthropology 200.

Manufacturing Error Figure

Kyle has what looks to be a Red #11 Manufacturing Error Figure, plus a few figures that raise some interesting questions:

1. Have new colors been discovered?
2. Are these more Manufacturing Error Figures?
3. Are these MUSCLEMANIA bootlegs

New Green, Fade, Error?

New Green, Fade, Error?

New Green & Yellow, Fades, Errors?

New Green, Fade, Error?

Kyle was also kind enough to include a group shot of “Stretchy” figures. As of now, the University of M.U.S.C.L.E. will not have separate photographs for Firm and Stretchy figures. Because so little is known about MUSCLEMANIA it is impossible to know if the variations are the result of plastic deterioration, manufacturing differences, separate waves or series of figures, and/or some combination of these types of things. However, it is important for collectors to realize there may be Firm and Stretchy versions of each figure.

If you have any figures, 4-pack, or 12-pack pictures to add to the archive, then please email a high-resolution picture to the University of M.U.S.C.L.E.. Please take the picture on a white background. Thank you!

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