Epilogue – Week of September 18th

There just aren’t words. This story hurts my soul.
I think UofMUSCLE.com is on Google+.
215 Flesh and Color figures.
176 Flesh figures. (Free Shipping)
71 Flesh figures.
51 Flesh figures.
40 Figures. (Am I dipping too low?)
If there is a Class A in there, then the BIN has already been used.
I think this is a really fun auction idea.
1 seller and 35 lots. Reminds me of 2 girls 1 cup.
Since we’re talking cups – these are awesome, but I wish there was a plastic version for kids.
Same here.
Really great lot. Really terri-bull price. (Yeah, I did it.)
$335 for a Flesh set?!?! Even with Satan Cross that seems crazy high.
Nope. This is crazy high.
Great opening bid – but the shipping seems too high.
– This guy should have sold these as one lot instead of lot one and lot two.
That’s great, but couldn’t those dummies have hiked ANYWHERE else?
Let the ugly holiday hording begin.
I bet lots of Moms veto this purchase.
Why does this bother me so much?
Cheap way to both raise a nerd (in the best sense).
Normally you pay a lot of money for this kind of wisdom.
If I had a daughter, then see would read this.
How much business has Netflix sent to these guys?
I’m like a battered wife – I keep going back. I need to just give up hope already.
A Wu-Tang joke that made me laugh.
Why is this Pac-Man bank awesome? It makes the eating sound.
I always feel like stories like this have a connection to M.U.S.C.L.E. collecting.
Not a bad price for a 2T Iron Man costume.
Luke, you have too many names. Imperfecz, l.designs. I guess you just have two. But I like your new store!
Hitler hears about the new Star Wars Blu-Ray changes.

I saw this awesome picture, from redandjonny, with this perfect caption:

The heard moves cautiously. Approaching the water like this leaves them vulnerable to predators; a few members keep watch, to give an early warning to the others.

I hate soccer. I also hate Little House on the Prairie, but people don’t usually flip out over that. So please spare me the, “it’s the most popular sport in the world” comments. Regardless of the things I hate, I love this video. There’s just something universally funny about a hapless kid.

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