Epilogue – Week of January 22nd

Pay attention – Satan Cross 4-pack.

Over 260 figures – plus over 260 lines of text!
At one time I would have loved these.
It’s strange that I think this is actually kind of cool.
Huge, huge lot of M.U.S.C.L.E. stuff.
He’s your source for mutilated figures.
I can’t believe people are already scalping OMFG figures. (I hope you get the joke.)
Satan Cross at $31.17. Hopefully it doesn’t get much higher.
Only $0.55 for “5 HARD TO FIND” figures.
4-pack in nice condition, but the opening bid seems high.
– Why list the same Homie/Kinnikuman figure three times? 1, 2, and 3. For me, the odd head size really detracts from what could have been a pretty cool mash-up.
Saw this on clearance, the boys loved playing this game.
Best figure in this lot? Bottom left corner.
“One CLAW” – what more do you need to know?
1 Green Claw, I see nothing else.
Big lot of 164 Flesh figures.
Small lot of 132 Flesh figures.
4 Class A figures. I don’t think anyone will care about these.
More people will care about this Class C #189.
Wow, another Purple #189?!?!
Nice mixed color lot.
The next 9 lots have free shipping and $2 opening bids:
57 Green figures
81 Magenta figures.
105 Salmon figures.
110 Light Blue figures.
115 Orange figures.
125 Dark Blue figures.
126 Red figures.
134 Purple figures.
I’ve never seen this and it looks totally awesome! The winner must scan everything! (Plus it’s from out old friend “midge.”)
Color 10-pack with $1 opening bid – LOVE IT!!! (from Alec!)
Not the best lot ever, but I like the price!
A 4-pack in this condition is worth $3 – max.
These figures looked to have passed through the seller’s name.
What made this guy land on $7?

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