Epilogue – Week of February 12th

Rise of the Beasts is coming! Should it come to UofMUSCLE.com too?
I was given these as a gift. They blew. I recycled it.
Star Wars Episode 1 3D made $22.5 million opening weekend. I’m happy to say that I think that’s a total failure for George – considering Gnomeo and Juliet made more in its first weekend this time last year.
147 figures.
117 Flesh figures.
69 figures (he he).
What a weird little lot.
$3 AND free shipping – then you’ve got my bid.
“for a bargain price.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I want to buy this for Dr. MUSCLE to have a fireside chat.
– Should I do another weekly Satan Cross count? Ok kids, here we go: one, two and three, and four.
I know there’s nothing rare in there, but it still seems like a fun gamble lot.
“Other sets selling for $250+ dollars! or $5.00 or more each! So you know this is a DEAL! My loss is your gain! (if you choose to sell one by one you could make up to 10 times + plus your money if not more!?)” Wow.
Does anybody know more about this guy’s figures? He seems to be trying really hard to show how mush he likes M.U.S.C.L.E., OMFG, and other LRG’s – which seems odd to me.
Great lot – 39 figures, $0.99 starting bid, and free shipping.
$200 is too rich for my blood, but I love the back of the box!
29 figures at $11.49 with 4 days to go. Am I missing something?
Three 28-packs, but the opening bid seems too high. No?
29th Anniversary Kinnikuman Box Set with free shipping.
Nice little lot of MUSCLEMANIA and maybe some Exogini.

  1. #1 by Nathan on February 17, 2012 - 12:36 pm

    I’m not so sure that $22.5 million for TPM 3D is a complete failure for George Lucas. It all depends on how much it cost to upconvert to 3D. According to Wiki…

    …to convert a 136 minute movie to 3D would cost between $3.4 million and $13.6 million. If that’s the case, then TPM has already made its money back, and more.

    That said, it also depends on GL’s expectations. If he was expecting a $100 mil weekend (which he certainly might have been), this would be a huge disappointment.

    It will be interesting to see how this whole thing pans out. The plan was to release one Star Wars 3D movie a year over six years. But 3D is already on the decline, and TPM’s return wasn’t particularly stellar. If AOTC totally tanks and the 3D market continues to decline, will he still release the other movies?

  2. #2 by Chad Perry on February 18, 2012 - 10:30 am

    I think of George Lucas as a complete egomaniac at this point. Once he started saying he had always intended Greedo to shoot first and it was only the camera angle and editing that gave the impression that Han had shot first. Bullshit. He’s lost his mind.

    I imagine it’s hard for him to swallow TPM coming in 3rd during it’s opening weekend and doing worse than a terrible kid’s movie that had come out the same weekend a year ago.

    The issue of profitability almost doesn’t matter with Star Wars. The movies could be a loss-leader at this point. The real money is, and always has been, in the merchandise.

    I hope we never see another 3D Star Wars, but we will. Gotta sell those toys!

  3. #3 by stoneyface on February 20, 2012 - 1:54 am

    dude! i would totally have taken that ice cube tray!!! lol

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