Epilogue – Week of August 12th

First, don’t forget that the custom painted OMFG sets are going on sale tonight. They will start to become aviable at 9PM EST. And the only place ot get the is The School Store.

Very strong lot of 110 figures – NOT from Auction Watch.
Great opening price for two 28-packs, but there is no cheap way to ship those.
Canada = Class A in my brain. But I no longer care to check if I don’t need them.
What figure shows up more than Purple #208? Dark Blue #180. And this one is $5.99 + $3 shipping!
I bet the lady selling this always talks about how much she loves her scanner. I doubt people like talking to her.
This might be the worst auction listing ever.
$3.88 for two semi-dirty figures. How do you land on that price?
As of posting, this auction had 3 bids. I bet all of them hope the Satan Cross gets overlooked.
If it is $0.99 you take a look.
$0.48 per figure with shipping. That is a fact.
Down from the $199.99 BIN to a $149.99 BIN. Still too much.
Best auction for missing limbs and dirty figures this week.
At $0.99 I can afford to buy and destroy this.
87 mixed figures for $100. I’m willing to bet you wont click on this link.
Being called a legend on Blogclops. I think I’m blushing.
Some cool pictures and an interesting M.U.S.C.L.E. write-up from the Neatocoolville blog.
– Damn Nestle Quik for changing the sizes of their tins, but if you’re thinking about doing a custom tin here are a few: $9.99, $10, and $40.
– Additionally, if you’re considering a HiWay Hauler custom – check these out: $1.80, $2.99, and $5.99.
This auction is especially interesting for HiWay Hauler fans. It is the equally rare Big Boy Hauler.
Oh, and a major GOD DAMN IT!!! I MISSED IT!!!

This week’s Picture of the Week was a no-brainer. Brownnoize posted the Spinshine prototype. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking water when I saw it. I would have done a full-blown spit take. This thing looks incredible, but I really should be surprised. Sanjeev is simply operating on a higher level of design capability and execution right now.

Spinshine Prototype Pictures from: Brownnoize

I spent last night watching my 5 year-old start the Werewolf LEGO set. I felt proud as he finished the car – thinking, “Wow, maybe my little guy has some real talent.”

Then I saw this video. Son, the bar got bumped last night as you slept. Good luck buddy.

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    I agree with your DAMN IT, I MISSED IT.

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