Epilogue – Week of October 7th

Mini-torial: Perception is reality. I say that a lot. Normally it is to people I am working with in some type of developmental or coaching manner. Essentially what I am saying to those people is that, “Hey, if you think it’s tough, or good, or bad – then it is.”

But sometimes our perception sucks. We focus in on such a narrow and stupid spectrum. Stories like this one and this one help me to recalibrate my own perception. I actually wish stories like these didn’t do that to me. Because when they help me to recalibrate, it means I was too focused on stupid stuff.

I wrote the above the other day. Then I read this late Thursday night. Damn it. Thanks Dave.

On a much lighter note, don’t forget the SGS auction starts today at 10:30 PM EST.

“Original tube,” but no pictures? Red flag! Red flag!
Need a BHS placeholder? This is your auction.
Said in Robin’s voice, “Four inches is fine.”
How many tries did that take?
Halloween costume or something to make me look like a huge creep?
This lot seems marked up and way too high already.
137 Flesh figures.
Looks like a pretty clean lot of figures.
Over 200 figures, but too many UM for my taste.
Is one of the “RARES” the warped #124?
What I like best: the original price tag. What I like least: the stress cracks.
281 figures – with pictures taken underwater and in January of 2011.
226 figures – mostly Flesh.
For these 119 Flesh figures the opening bid is probably the final price too.
78 mixed Color M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.
4-pack with The Macarena.
Thank God these 200 Flesh figures are “Mattel brand.”
This auction features the worst auction picture ever – not once, but twice!
$1.00 opening bid always deserves a look.

Well, we have the cruel shoes...

For non-M.U.S.C.L.E. related items I still use my Yahoo account – archaic, I know. As I went to the home page a headline caught my eye, “Scariest Heels Ever?” And it featured the picture to the right.

Has no one read Cruel Shoes?

It was the first thing I thought of. I actually started to laugh at my desk as I thought about The Cruel Shoes.

Now my suggestion would be to read it, the entire book is fantastic and your life is just a little empty without it. However, if you need to hear it now, then listen to it from the Comedy is Not Pretty album (which hangs on my bedroom wall).

I guess that makes this picture my Picture of the Week.

I don’t know why, but this week there wasn’t any video that stood out to me. Damn you internet!
So this week I thought I’d try something new. Last week on Tosh.O they had some douche bag rapper kid. I remember thinking, “There’s so much terrible music on YouTube – how did they even find him?”

So I went looking this week. I picked out a few of my favorite songs and looked for the worst covers of those songs I could find. I hope you enjoy the train-wreck nature of this week’s Videos of the Week.

Bonus points if you spot me in the No Face video.

As I was looking for Bad Religion covers for Generator I saw this girl. I figured, “Sweet Jesus, this will be a hilarious mess.” I was wrong – kudos to you my lady. Color me impressed.

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