Epilogue – Week of October 21st

My hat’s off to Luke Harris. Not only do I like these figures I like the three buying options:

Single figure for $12
3-Pack blindbag for $20
Full set of 8 for $75

Not only is it a practical way to move product, but it allows for many points of entry for collectors. I wouldn’t mind seeing more people adopt this method.

Do you own the X-2? No? Then buy this set.
This seller defines “PACKAGED” differently than the rest of the known world.
My boys would stab someone for this. Please help prevent a stabbing.
Why is the Pedobear in the picture?
Pretty big lot with SC.
Damn that’s a good picture! (And he gave credit.)
I wish I could save those Frankenstein-like Amalgam figures.
$20 for an open 10-Pack. Sure makes his $9.99 ones look like a steal.
And which “RARE” figures would that be?
This poster is not in $70 condition.
123 Figures, but no tool box.
Need to catch-up for OMFG Series 2? Then do it here!
That 28-Pack looks like it’s in pretty great shape.(No joke or sarcasm – seriously.)
That’s a great deal for $18.99! (Lots of sarcasm here.)
Nice lot, but I like the Green bootleg the best.
Big lot of different M.U.S.C.L.E. stuff.
Dirty lot of 83 figures, but its got two Macarenas!
Not many people take their Satan Cross picture as they fall over. Bravo sir!
Not a fan, but I know some people love the Remco figures.
A poster with a HUGE rip got a $25 opening bid? Wow.
Almost 100 figures with a $5 opening bid – good stuff!
Just in case you didn’t get the Spongebob joke on the homepage.

I am a sucker for behind-the-scenes. I can’t get enough of it. It’s especially cool when it’s something I’ve never seen before and I think I’ve seen it all. This Stan Winston Raptor suit from Jurassic Park is a perfect example. Not only is it something new about Jurassic Park, it’s a fascinating piece regarding the evolution of the design.

In a picture featuring so much cleavage it’s rare that anything else can be noticed. This picture is the exception to that rule. These three kids’ faces crack me up – even Power Girl’s face makes me laugh. It’s like they all know they’re there because of the boobs, but they’re all trying to pretend its not that. Hilarious.

Tits - Err, Um...Cheese!

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