Epilogue – Week of June 9th

Not even mad at the seller, the buyer is certainly the Asshole of the Week.
Is there an underground club trying to outdo each other and win AOTW?
Right? Some kind of secret club?
Maybe they meet early in the week?
That guarantees their auctions have a chance to win AOTW.
Ok, it’s a fact. AOTW Secret Club I’m on to you!
I can see you all mean business.
Except for the new guy. He’s still learning.
This seller might be trying to win a lifetime achievement AOTW award. Wow.
I never knew the club had so many members.

Maybe I did know.

It just makes me feel sick.

I love the figures, but the post’s title might be one of the best ever.
I expect better from this seller.
What’s the red figure in the top right corner? I feel like I should know.
That warped #157 makes me want to bid.
$0.99 for 41 figures. Of course I’ll take a look.
This one is $3.12, but this one is only $2.90. Wow. This guy knows how to move product.
Or maybe not.
Not as awesome as a $0.99 opening bid – but I can’t knock $2.99 either.
43 mostly Flesh figures, worth a quick scan.
Another 43 figures, but it’s ending very, very soon.
123 Color figures.
100 Flesh figures, but maybe 14 clean ones?
78 mostly Flesh figures.
You know what would be funny? If the seller shill bid this auction. Oh my goodness – we would all have quite the laugh. (Not really, it’s a bad joke for a handful of people.)
Belts can be hard to sell. Not the worst price, but very unlikely to bring in bidders/
Over 200 M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.
What am I missing?
Pretty funky mix of stuff.
I’ve let too many awesome figures slip through the cracks. I don’t want to miss this.
95 Flesh figures.
UofM isn’t the only place to get a Monday morning fix of M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. And if I’m being honest, his is better right now.
Damn it. I need to buy this for my youngest.
MXD layout got a little update. I love it. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Cindy Crawford is 47 years old. Let that sink in.

I understand she is a model. I understand she’s engaged in the best and most expensive services to keep her looking her best. But take a look at her.

I don’t even mean it as a comparison to other women. Nobody should look that good at 47. She’s a freak – and I thank her for that. Her picture actually makes me feel younger when just about everything else makes me feel older.

When I was a teenager I had two Cindy Crawford posters. The two posters below.

In a pre-internet world I would rip her pictures out of magazines and add then to an ever expanding collage of Cindy Crawford pictures. When I saw this picture I had a muscle-memory response to rip it from the screen.

So thank you Cindy (and probably the team of people that probably helped to pull it off) you’ve managed to make me feel younger – even if it was only for one fleeting moment.

You’ve rightfully earned the Picture of the Week status. This could have been the Picture of the Week too.

My boys are starting to get into board games. We’ve found some really fun ones along the way (Pengoloo, Gobblet, Hisss, etc.). Unfortunately some games seem to get stuck in an infinite, unending loop. I literally cringe every time they want to play Chutes and Ladders, so I’ve found myself looking for strategies for speeding up games. I thought this was one of the better things I’ve seen.

So that’s it, right?

Nope. There’s that.

I don’t know what to say. I saw it, became hypnotized, and haven’t been able to look away. For a second I thought, “Geez, does this kind of thing proliferate an objectification of women?”

I didn’t have an answer, I became instantly distracted again.

  1. #1 by jmckinnon316 on June 14, 2013 - 6:37 am

    I had that Cindy poster with the denim shorts too! Awesome! Girlfriend made me take it down though…bah!

    As far as your hypnotizing poster goes, I think what I like most (other than the contents) is the fact that that woollen top she’s wearing would clearly offer very little resistance if pulled apart….



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