Army Man Plastic Figures: Green #9 and Red #1

The Army Man plastic pictures keep coming in. The most recent additions come from Craig.

He has a Red #1 figure and a Green #9 figure. Like many of the Army Man plastic figures before it the Red #1 is missing a part of the original sculpt. The antennae-like thing on the top of his head is missing.

Craig was also able to get a great picture showing how the back of an Army Man Plastic looks different than a Firm figure. The craftsmanship used to remove it the Select could be debated, but it is interesting that the letter D is still present.

Army Plastic without Select (Left) and Firm with Select (Right)

Considering that effort was exerted to remove Select, and small pieces of the figures, it is interesting, and a little surprising, that the letter D was left alone.

The likely answer is that the letter was not deemed significant enough to worry about.

Could there have been another reason?

The last addition is from Retro World Korea. Jon was kind enough to set-up an automatic post when UofM has new posts. Retro World Korea posted these pictures in the thread from this topic.

This set is another counterfeit set of figures featuring the #15 and #20 MUSCLEMANIA figures in different colors.

Boxed 1992 Set

“New” 1994 Counterfeit Set

Back of Box with 1994 Copyright

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