Epilogue – Week of May 18th

Give me a break. I understand that is not a popular thing to say. If you say that, then you don’t care about “their plight.” Do you know why they are paid minimum wage? Because it doesn’t take any skill. None. McDonald’s should just switch to machines. I’m sure they could do it. Frankly, the machines would have a much, much lower error rate and be 67% less rude and generally useless.

I also understand that many of the franchise owners are dicks. Playing little games to avoid health insurance and retract raises. I’ve watched it happen. But I can’t blame them. There’s always a replacement – because the job require ZERO skill. The employee brings NOTHING to the table. In fairness, a good manager is probably worth their weight in gold.

Any service industry, client-facing job can be tough. I’m sure McDonald’s can be particularly rough. Customers are usually assholes, and I’m sure we’ve all seen a person act like a complete clown as a customer at McDonald’s. But that’s the gig. That’s work. And when you bring the absolute minimum to the table; you get paid the absolute minimum.

I’m grumpy.

I know I should be SUPER excited for a case of belts, but I’m not. Even if you LOVED the belt, you’d have to unload the rest for, at least, $100 each to come close to “even.” That sounds like a tough, tough sell.
I’m indifferent on the price, but that’s a nice MUSCLEMANIA picture.
When I see a bid on a lot like this my first thought is, “What am I missing?”
At $0.99 I’d consider the bootleg, but what is that hand?
$3 opening bid with $12.50 BIN – guess the item!
Even better. $400 BIN – guess the item!
At that price you should get the shelves too.
Did kids cut Satan Cross or is he prone to breaking? It has to be the former.
I force myself to slow down on a lot like this. The fear of overlooking a Non-Poster figure is too great.
Something like this I breeze right past.
This lot takes me back to 2004.
I’m considering buying this for one, and only one reason. I could play chess with both of my boys at once.
$12.99 4-pack. “…plastic has started coming apart from the cardboard on the bottom…”
Or $9.99 for three 4-packs.
“1 Has broken horn on head.” Really? Which one? Now I want to see it, because it’s not a Terri-Bull figure.
– Question (for everyone). If you could go back in time, would you stop yourself from marking their feet?
You can’t try and be the AOTW. It just happens.
If you skated in the 80’s you’ll love this short article.

Did you answer the question? The third to last auction.

I think if you answered yes, then you should stop collecting. You’ve lost the connection to childhood. The nostalgia is dead; replaced by cold, heartless collecting.

The AOTW match-up should go here. I decided this was an off week. Vote for me as AOTW week if you don’t like it.

Finally, after asking M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors what they thought the B’s and P’s could mean I felt like the thinking should continue. So I’m ending this week’s epilogue with a bit of a riddle. See if you can figure it out. I needed it explained to me. (Honestly I’m still not sure I get it.)

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