Art 200 – Beast Man M.U.S.C.L.E. Figure from Wolf Voigt & Eric Nilla

Beast Man
by Wolf Voigt and Eric Nilla

Beast Man (Kinkeshi Flesh Version)
By Wolf Voigt and Eric Nilla

The original He-Man (Masters of the Universe) custom M.U.S.C.L.E. figures were reviewed as a part of a large Art 200 Spotlight. Then the Art 200 Spotlight was re-worked and added to a Wolf Voigt Spotlight.

The things that held true for the original release continue to hold true for the new He-Man, Skeletor, and brand-new Beast Man figure. It seems unlikely that collectors would want to re-read those original thoughts.

It’s funny how both time and color can influence the emotional reaction to a figure. I originally reviewed the Translucent Sky Blue Skeletor and the “Color Changing He-Man” in early 2011 – which means I probably purchased the figures long before that date. I am notoriously slowing getting figure reviews together.

Translucent Sky Blue Skeletor
and Color Changing He-Man

When I received the new Kinkeshi Flesh versions of these figures I felt a tiny wave of nostalgia. I recognize how strange that sounds. It’s only been about three years. Maybe it isn’t nostalgia – perhaps it is simply a reminder of a recent, really fun, and specific period of my collecting. A time when I felt like I was starting to figure out the website and a new and exciting wave of custom M.U.S.C.L.E. figures were starting to show up.

Maybe I just like the Kinkeshi Flesh color better? Whatever the reasons these figures made men genuinely excited. I thought they were a fun idea in 2011, but in 2014 I had a legitimate emotional reaction to them. I guess you could say that as I grew and changed the art of the figures had a different impact on me.

Flesh Skeletor, Beast Man, and He-Man

When I wrote the original reviews of these figures I tried to stay more objective. I didn’t emphatically encourage collectors to purchase these figures. That changes today.

Collectors of M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, and most mini-figures, had some childhood exposure to Masters of the Universe. And MOTU has proven to be a moderate success as an evergreen property, so there have been various incarnations since the original Mattel toys. Because of that these figures may be more appealing to MOTU fans.

But mini-figure collectors should not miss out on these figures. There are more mini-figures than ever competing for collectors’ dollars. And since I received these three figures the set has expanded. A set of four, including a charming Fitso, called M.u.s.c.l.e.s of the Universe 4-Pack can be purchased for $40.

Flesh Skeletor and He-Man

Given the craftsmanship, creativity, and fun associated with these figures $10 per figure is a steal. I am a fan of the Flesh set, but Mixed colors can be purchased too – including glow, thermal, or metallic chase variations.

Odds are that you already know these artists. But just in case you need to find more information, here are some places to find more information about Wolf Voigt and Eric Nilla:
Wolf Voigt on
Wolf’s business – on Twitter on Facebook

For more information about Eric Nilla, Check out these links:
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