Epilogue – Week of January 25th

I don’t need this. When I was a kid I had this deck. I’ve always kept my open for new-old-stock or a re-issue in “my” colors. I’ve never seen one. Thankfully.

I actually have my old deck. It has all the wear, stickers, and charm – but it doesn’t display very nicely. I thought the sticker might look nice in a small frame. Why? I have more stuff than I ever need. I need to start getting rid of stuff.

I think one of the things that might help my “collection,” and my sanity, is to get rid of some stuff. So save up some money M.U.S.C.L.E. (and MUSCLEMANIA) fans. I’ve got some $0.99 auctions that need to get listed.

Class A Purple #19.
This would have easily been in Auction Watch. I think it’s a really nice figure. I’ve been away too long to even venture a guess.

I’m not a MIMP expert. Can you tell me what is driving it up so high?
Fuck you.
The main auction picture should be the 90 figures; not the SC.
Broken, incomplete ring plus 171 figures. Guess the BIN. WRONG!
Once you look through the viewfinder don’t you instantly think, “Oops, should have been a square.”
Will I come around on CUTIE’s because the price isn’t bad?
Dying of M.U.S.C.L.E. thirst; this is a cool drink of water.
$0.99 always deserves a look.
Is this guy selling a custom he made but pretending he doesn’t know what it is?
Oops, my mistake. He knows what he is selling. Are people having custom blow-out sales?
I think THIS is how you blow-out customs.
53 figures that started at $8 with cheap shipping.
144 figures that started at $0.99. But didn’t this guy list at like $250 for months?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The seller above contacted me. He’s not the $250 asshole. In fact he said he started it at $0.99 because of things he had read here. Maybe he’s just buttering me up – it’s ok, I liked it. At any rate, bid like crazy on the above auction. He’s not that asshole. He’s a cool guy.

“Even without the ring it still has potential to be a nice display piece.” I wish I could be this positive.
Tricks me every time. Every damn time. C’mon brain. It’s not a Salmon #107.
Wow, pretty nice belt. Just not $45 nice.
Glad he got to play with his 102 figures one last time. But next to the sink? Gross.
I wonder if he used a flash?
Clearly sellers want AOTW to come back.
– Sadly this guy still holds the title. Hell, he could still win a weekly match-up with his current listing. It’s never easy to beat a true champion.
When you’re the champ, there’s always some young, hungry pup chasing you. Like this guy.
I guess I should point this one out?
5% off! No joking? Honey, get my checkbook.
Not too bad for over 80 figures.
“Figure is made of clear blue resin and mocks the 1980’s M.U.S.C.L.E. Men toys.” Mocks?

Oh, and the CUTIEs. That will never happen. Never.

It’s probably very uncool to select one of your own pictures as your favorite picture of the week. The picture below probably wasn’t actually my favorite, but I did want to talk about it.

A photo posted by UofMuscle.com (@uofmuscle) on

I forgot I had this. It makes me realize the card has a pretty terrible design. I always liked the card, but they covered up some of the best art with the actual four MUSCLEMANIA figures. It’s certainly not a classic work of art, but I really like it.

As I looked thorough the little figures I don’t think they based it on actual figures. And I don’t think that these could have been some of the “over 100 figures.” I think it was just throwaway filler. But I could be wrong. MUSCLEMANIA is a pretty big mystery.

But this card takes me back to the top of the post. I don’t need this. I don’t need all the MUSCLEMANIA 4-packs I currently own. I need to purge some of this stuff. Hopefully you guys have room in your collections.

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