Epilogue – Week of August 13th

I am still riding the high from The Body Building. Did you guys download Mattel & Me? If you haven’t, and you read this site, then shame on you. It’s SO AWESOME.

The videos are amazing. It’s all just so interesting to me. I’m at a total loss of words.

One of the things I also talked to Stan about was Marbleheads. I’ve got more to share (hopefully next week), but read that section too. I wholeheartedly 100% believe that toy would work today – with both kids and collectors.

I don’t think Stan needs the money. I certainly don’t get a cut from any book sales. I don’t want anyone reading this site to miss it. The book is the best look we will ever get at the inside of Mattel during the M.U.S.C.L.E. years.

Last weekend we went to DC to see the Nationals and Giants play. My boys were so excited. I got pretty irrationally pissed about the entire rain delay. Thankfully it didn’t get rained out; the baseball game was the main reason we were going to DC.

Anyways, the game finally started and this happened:

There was a collective gasp in the stadium, but I’m not interested in talking about the baseball implications.

My oldest burst into tears as they carried Bryce Harper off the field. It broke my heart. I had truly forgotten that childhood, hero-worship feeling. Seeing his tears brought it back like a thunderbolt. And then I really got worried. Had I literally witnessed the first time he learned that his heroes aren’t perfect?

Maybe. Maybe not. I hope not.

Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E. turned 10 this week. Heroes will start to fall. I’m proud of the little man he’s becoming, but I’m going to hold on tight to the last few moments of him being a little boy.

This is the most interesting auction this week. It’s starting at $0.99 and has 68 mixed figures. I’ll be very curious to see the final price.
This is a very, very, very close second place.
You have to see these auction pictures.

I want to talk about this auction. I was taking pictures of the #155 figure for the Figure Guide. I was suddenly hit with a thought, “Shit, I don’t have the game board version.”

I know. I’m stupid. I know long-term readers have expected me to be perpetually errror freee, but I do make a mistake from time to tim. I won’t bore you with the details of my mistake. My mistake quickly dawned on me. While I was in my foggy haze, I immediately thought, “I will overspend to finish this stupid set.”

I think the figures, as a set, are worth around $10 and the entire board game (with figures) should cost around $25. Obviously, the #155 isn’t a board game figure. But in my panic I would have spent $20 on half a set to get the figure I needed. That made me really angry.

I’ve been collecting too long to have an emotional outburst like that. I was embarrassed of myself. My thoughts turned to the Final 9. I’ve been a little more anxious to finally finish the set, but then this happened. If I felt this much shame and embarrassment from a willingness to over spend on a small scale, then what would it feel like on a large scale?

What would you spend on this lot? In that condition, for me, it’s $20.
Not a bad Flesh lot.
“Seal is tight.” Yeah, like your – no, I’m better than that.
“Worn Package.” Bit of an understatement.
Feels too easy to make this guy AOTW.
Nope. This guys is easily the real AOTW.
I’m not a math wizard, but it seems like the lot is bigger than 13.

There are no words for the auction to the left.

I could only find a gif that showed my physical reaction to the auction.

This listing can probably be lumped into the same reaction. “WOW!!! 50% OFF,” what?!?! Is this seller suggesting that the real price is $999.98?!?! Some, somewhat, recent SHA’s didn’t even come close to either of those prices.

What is going on?

Seriously, what is going on? This has never been a political blog. I know that there are readers from across the globe. But I need to post this:

A post shared by Bernie Sanders (@berniesanders) on

If you hate people that are different from you, then you live in a sad, ugly little world that I fail to understand in anyway. The world is such a tough place. Why do we ever try and make it harder for someone?

This kind of stuff is not political, it’s human. Just be nice. Everything else can get sorted out if we’re nice to each other.

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