Epilogue – Week of October 13th

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Did anybody else notice this?

AOTW MUSCLE Shenanigans Scam

The Buyer of the Inaugural ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Winner – $250 Empty Box

AOTW MUSCLE Shenanigans Scam

The Buyer of the 2nd ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Winner – $1500 BIN for a $3 Figure

What are the chances that the same buyer bought BOTH things from the AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #1 and AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #2?

The chances are zero. The real question becomes, “Why the hell would someone do this?”

Seriously. What is the upside? Where is the joke? I am open to any and all theories, because I can’t offer even a terrible theory.

I haven’t seen a MUSCLEMANIA figure in a bit.
How many weeks has this lot of #153 figures been listed?

Conservatively, I would say two weeks. I think it is longer than two weeks, but I don’t want to exaggerate.

Five years ago a lot of six #153 figures with a $200 BIN would have sold. Five years ago, and today, I would say that is a terrible price – but it would have sold. This unsold lot is further evidence that M.U.S.C.L.E. buying and selling has forever changed. Regardless of whether this change is good or bad; the change is here.

A dirty, damaged figure for $10 used to be an AOTW. Today it is an average listing.
Never, for even a second, would I consider buying it. – but it was cool to see.
Canadian lot. As soon as I didn’t see figures I needed I moved on.

Last week we crowned our first AOTW Battle of the Champions winner. The voting was actually pretty close, but I do feel the best combatant won the match-up.

We also have a carryover winner that is looking for new challengers. Thankfully we found four combatants ready to face the challenge.

The AOTW #1 surprised me. At first I thought it was a 10-pack can with a $10 BIN (plus shipping). I was very wrong. It is only the lid. Wow.

The AOTW #2 has a $120 BIN for an incomplete game. We have seen unopened games unable to get a buyer at $100. Maybe the Street Fighter figures are priceless? (They are not.)

The AOTW #3 is a lot of 16 mixed figures. The bidding starts at $2.80 per figure. Jesus.

Finally, the AOTW #4 is a lot of three beat-up 4-packs and a 10-pack. I believe these are difficult lots to sell. They are especially difficult to sell when the BIN is $399.99.

Cast your vote and crown the next AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner. Here are the four combatants:


Remember to cast your vote and crown this week’s AOTW Fatal-Four Way winner:

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There was sadness when our ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #1 was no longer selling her empty box.

We thought this was the fine image of our old friend.

It was painful to consider our journey was over. We watched as she started at $250. Unable to sell it, dropped down to $160. The drops continued: $149, $145, $139, $135, $125 and finally $120…for a beat-up, empty box.

When she did stop, we knew there was a zero-percent chance it actually sold. It is an empty box. M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors see crazy things, but this sale was simply impossible. Plus, there is no feedback posted by either party.

We now have irrefutable evidence the box did not sell. It has been relisted with a $150 BIN.

Oh dear lord. Some other dope has “bought” the box and there is feedback from the buyer this time. Interesting that the seller didn’t leave feedback.

I think there is zero percent chance this belt has actually sold. It will be relisted. Pay attention sellers, this winner perfectly demonstrate the level-of-asshole it takes to be an ULTIMATE champion. She truly is the ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Fatal-Four Way Winner #1.

Our inaugural champion has a very worthy companion.

The initial listing for the $3 figure was for $1500. The entire story was covered in AW #284. Apparently, there’s still a little more to add. The figure is STILL for sale with a $100 BIN.

This seller probably could be a repeat winner with their other listings.

An original SHA, with the head spur still attached, in the original Flesh color was sold for about $185. This seller is attempting to sell a yellow, headless version for $1,000. That is the level of commitment needed to become the 2nd ULTIMATE AOTW Battle of the Champions Winner.

Sadly, it looks like our second champion has paused their grifting efforts. I do not see the figure for sale, nor do I see any feedback.

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