Epilogue – Week of September 4th

UofMUSCLE.coms Exclusive OMFG Color is…yesterday’s post.
WOW #1 – 150 Figures, Free Worldwide Shipping, & Low Opening Bid!
WOW #2 – 150 Figures, Free Worldwide Shipping, & Low Opening Bid!
What would be a fair BIN for this? I’d say $20 – tops.
75 Figures and a $0.99 opening bid – I LOVE IT!!!
Shipping this lot to the US is $40 more than I would pay for the lot.
How do I offer that it should be thrown in the recycle bin?
I’m hoping the silly #153 prices have finally crested.
I still want to talk about re-selling some custom figures.
I hated Ultimate MUSCLE, but this lot might even get me to bid.
I think these only look good because of the picture.
What do I hate more? The price or that he used Nate’s pictures?
Why? The loser (specific choice of word) might as well buy from the auction above.
The opposite of Auction Watch #77.
I’m still going to hope the trend is changing.
This might be the best result from keyword spamming ever! Really cool carded example.
Feel free to call this guy and tell him his auction sucks – (313) 382-0700.
Give him your two cents about this one too.
I hope I’m not the only one who thought it was a Red #125 for a second.
I hate the BIN price, and bet they wouldn’t take less than $95 for 217 figures.
I think this painted version might be my favorite from Rampage Toys!
A stunningly cool custom from Namu Niku.
This is good.
This is just much better.
Someone mentioned playsets for displaying little figures, I’ve always liked this one.
Imperfecz — Cheap Crappy Zombie Toys (Buy some awesome custom figures from our friend Luke!)

I don’t care if this is a commercial. I think it’s cool and I can’t wait to buy these shoes.

This week’s “Picture of the Week” is one that I saw last week. But since there wasn’t an Epilogue last week it’s carrying over. Normally this type of stuff makes me roll my eyes. This one just made me laugh.

Image From: Cainsbrain.com
Found At: Laughingsquid.com

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