Epilogue – Week of December 4th

I don’t know about anyone else, but the holidays have come crashing down on me. I literally feel like we were just sorting through Halloween candy. Why can’t Non-Poster figures appear with the same ferocity?

Ugh, these types of people are the worst.
Nice lot with a Class A.
Geez, talk about cutting corners.
Some of those figures have seen better days.
These types of auctions seem more and more shill prone.
Head swap or cut horns?
Worst lot of four figures ever? Maybe.
The auction is over, but best bootleg auction ever? Maybe.
Something tells me this auction will never get pictures.
Awesome MUSCLEMANIA lot (probably didn’t help my chances of winning)
A $10 starting bid might have got it to $40, but you can’t start there.
Not “rare,” but the sticker sheet is in better condition than normal.
The smart money is on the reserve not being hit.
What is this junk in my stocking? Why is this one so dirty?
I guess this seller just can’t stop thinking about stockings.
“Great lot for someone trying to beef up their MUSCLE collection…”
A classic mixed lot. (Shipping is a bit high.)
Another nice mixed lot.
Ok mixed lot, but shitty price and worse shipping.
Do Ninja Mites always make you laugh too?
And do CUTIEs make you want to barf?
These look a little weird to me, but I like these kinds of magnets.
Can’t knock a $0.99 lot.
However, it’s very easy to knock a $7.50 lot.
Damn, $80. But I think it might be a fair price.
It’s better than $100 for the same thing.

Holiday Winners Endorsed by Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E. and his…intern? Assistant? (I smell another naming contest!)
Imaginext Space Shuttle: I feel like I’ve praised this set before – but it totally deserves it! Even when bigger figures can’t fit in the cockpit they fit nicely into the cargo bay. Being able to use this ship and playset with superheroes, Star Wars, and GI Joe has ensured a long playtime tenure. I’d also encourage you to pick-up Red and Green aliens to go with it. They make great, non-scary bad guys.

Black Knight Armor: Ok, the helmet sucks. It won’t stay on. But the other pieces are great. And make sure you buy the black set. It will make your kid think they are much, much tougher.

Thomas the Train Rescue from Misty Island Playset: First, I don’t remember it costing $60 when we bought it. Maybe it’s “retired” or something like that. Anyways, both boys love this set. The set has a surprising amount of play value. This may sound weird, but I think the fact that the ramp allows Thomas to “go” makes this set a winner. I love the Take-and-Play series because you can get an awful lot of toy spread out, but it stores in a much smaller form. (This set might do the same job at a much lower price point.)

The last suggestion is gift cards. If you don’t know what to get someone (aside from UofM Exclusive OMFG figures), then go with a gift card. My suggestion would be either eBay or Amazon. They somehow seem more fun than Target, Wal-Mart, or something like that.

Is this guy the all-time best computer delivery man? The simple answer is yes.

I should note, that this video probably should be the video of the week – but even I need a laugh from time to time.

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