Epilogue – Week of October 28th

Mini-torial. It can’t be worse.

This guy needs a home and you can help.
This was my Halloween costume. I gave a lot of high fives to little kids.
That is an ugly figure. You could not pay me to own that figure.
Only $10 to help starting ridding the world of this problem.
If everyone is going to start calling themselves an artist, then I get to be an author.
Considering the shipping for this lot, I’m stunned there are any bids.
This keshi #81 is either melting or an error.
I like the warp on the legs of the #180 figure.
Still want to save those FLAF’s.
Who made this re-printed poster?
FRANKLY (see what I did there?), it always pays to check all the pictures!
In what world would someone pay $30 for this lot?
If he can’t count, then I’m not counting.

Last night would have been Game 7 of the World Series. I don’t know why, but this summed up the Tigers’ World Series. Pitchers and catchers report in February!

I didn’t have a Video of the Week. I asked my wife, “Have you seen anything good this week?”

Very optimistically she said, “Yeah, I saw this good thing for Halloween. You should use it. It’s spooky.” Plus she added she had never seen it before. This is what she showed me:

Thanks for nothing.

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