Epilogue – Week of September 7th

It’s been a long week. I got the kids to bed last night and afterwards I just couldn’t sit down to work on the Epilogue. Sorry.

I then did something that I hate. I was tired and feeling worn out from the week. I gave myself two minutes to have a pity party, “Poor me. I do so much and things are tough.” But even worse, I stopped it with the thought, “Shit. There are people that have it way worse.”

That’s true, but after I say it I feel I feel dirty; like I’ve taken the darkest path to feeling better. And that’s not even true. It doesn’t make me feel better, I just stop complaining – like getting back to even. Old habits die hard, but I need to stomp that habit out.

Amongst 200 other terrible habits. But one things at a time.

Shipping is a bit high, but I love this as a $0.99 lot.
If I wanted these figures, the $10 seems fair.
Before I say that, I should see where this auction ends.
Game without all the figures – sounds like buying yourself an unnecessary hassle.
Hate the price for this lot, but I hope he had fun playing with the figures one last time.
$0.99 plus you get the “KLAW.”
Wow, it has been awhile since I saw an Army Ant mixed in.
A Purple #208 always makes me laugh.
Rough lot made worse by a $12.99 starting bid.
Wow, is this lot even worse?!?!
How much would you pay for junk? $4?
My kids’ bath toys cost $50. Hahahahahahaha…

Again, sorry that the Epilogue is short. And late.

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