Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #97

Terryman (Blue)
By Professor Terry

This week is about my namesake – Terryman.

You would think that with my name being Terry that Terryman would be a favorite figure of mine.

That isn’t the case though I am a fan of the Terryman in the blue outfit. Anytime I see a Terryman in blue I buy it.

The problem is I haven’t actually seen that many. I really thought I owned more than these pictured. I haven’t even gone and had a Deka painted which I’m surprised about seeing I own about five spare of the Deka one with his hat on which is similar to the one pictured with a hat on.

What also contributes to my not being a fan of Terryman other than the blue outfitted ones is that his M.U.S.C.L.E. sculpts have never really been at the top of my want lists and overall don’t have any cool poses.

#29 looks a little like a zombie and doesn’t even look that much like Terryman, #31 is okay and the most recognizable Terryman. The best one in my opinion, #140 isn’t exciting, #174 is a younger one and #200 looks like he’s about to go to war. Terryman’s student, #208 Dickieman is a MUCH MUCH better sculpt and an absolute favorite of mine.

One day I will add to my blue Terryman collection. There is a Romando and it would be nice to get a Great Kinkeshi and Deka painted in blue. Now that I realize that I don’t have many, I think I’ll start searching for at least the blue outfit Romando!

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