Epilogue – Week of April 30th

I found myself still thinking about last week’s AOTW. I was going to reach out to the seller and see if he would participate in an eBay Entrepreneur Exchange. I went back to the site, to contact the seller, and I did a double-take. The seller had negative feedback. I can’t remember the last time I saw that.

Check this out:

What the fuck?

Who is the clown that bought that? It was OBVIOUSLY not a SHA. We’re not talking about a slightly debatable situation. This was OBVIOUSLY a #129. This wasn’t even close to being a “gambling” situation.

I actually feel bad for the seller, because the buyer is an even bigger dope. For just a moment I thought, “Well, maybe the buyer was trying to fuck with the seller. Maybe he was trying to teach the seller a lesson?”

But that’s ridiculous. The buyer would have needed to make an offer that the seller would accept. Even if the buyer knew there was no question they would get their money back – that’s not a worthwhile risk. That seller was worth pointing at and laughing. Nothing else.

I did end up contacting the seller. He, pretty quickly, emailed me back. I was shocked.

He was, and I hate to admit it, pretty cool about the entire thing. He said that the guy made an offer, he accepted, and then the buyer asked some questions and never paid. The buyer said to just cancel it. They went back and forth a couple times about initiating the canceling process.

It actually made me feel worse for the seller. Again, I think it’s fine to point and laugh. I do it often on this site and will continue to do it. I think it’s fine to point out a seller’s error (hopefully nicely, but being a dick is ok too). I don’t think it’s cool to actively fuck with someone like that.

And if the buyer wasn’t fucking with them, then they may have entered AOTW Hall of Fame status.

I’m trying to be fair. Is this $100 too much?
More like hard to cum by – am I right?
Wow. No tray. But only $3!
One final playtime session. (The Purple #180 will move this lot.)
I might gamble on this being a SHA.
When I think “FANTASY” this is what I’m thinking about.
Great 4-pack at a great price…for now.
Damn, not a single Color M.U.S.C.L.E. figure.
I like this lot. I’m struggling not to make an offer.
I totally thought that was a Purple #199 at first.
Fuck you.
Wait, wait, wait. Fuck you!

For the very first time I considered “boosting” a post on Facebook. It was the ‘How Small is M.U.S.C.L.E.?’ editorial. I wasn’t doing it because I thought it was so scary good. I was just hoping more people would react to it. I am ravenously curious about people’s thoughts about this topic.

My impression, and it could be wrong, is that many M.U.S.C.L.E. collectors are defensive about the size of the community. They feel protective about suggesting it is bigger than people think. I would have liked to get much more reaction to the post.

But here’s the weird part. I started going through the process of “boosting” the post. I was ready to spend money on it. I literally had a credit card out. But then Facebook had a prompt that told me my post had “too much text” and for that reason it may not be “boosted” – even if I paid. Obviously I just quit the entire process.

I did a quick Google search and it turns out it may have posted just fine. Either way, it was a good reminder. I’m going to just do my little thing. If people like it, then fine. If people see it, then fine. If people never see it or find it, then that’s perfectly ok too.

This website is my adult version of sitting in my childhood bedroom playing with my M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. It makes me happy for a little while, then I go do something else.

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