Art 200 – Spinning Head Sunshine (Hollow) by Brownnoize Productions

As I finished the Murderbot 2.0 write-up I wondered if any artists from Art 200 and Art 300 had figures that could be purchased right now (and that I didn’t already own). To my surprise there was only one option and it came from Brownnoize Productions. Sanjeev has been mentioned on the website several times; most notably for the AshuraShine.

I found the figure in the Brownnoize ShapeWays Store. There was a $15.37 version, but I had concerns about the “slight grainy feel.” I ordered the $24.41 version because the plastic was said to showcase the “fine and intricate details.”

I’m glad I spent the few extra bucks. The figure is freaking awesome! I have no idea how I slept on this the first time around. I need to do a little digging and it looks like I missed this back in 2013. Weird.

I’m hoping the modified #195 will be added to the store soon. In the meantime I will happily house this Purple #195. I think it looks spectacular.

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  1. #1 by hawkeye on April 15, 2019 - 8:01 pm

    one of my all-time favorite diy mods in muscle history! i absolutely adore this conscript!

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