Pocket Brawlers – Series 2

Pocket Brawlers – Series 2
By therojotoy, eddieinthecity, and shingangu

The first series of Pocket Brawlers were previously reviewed. The second series of Pocket Brawlers are a set of three figures. One of the figures has two interchangeable heads. The figures were sculpted by @therojotoy and produced by @eddieinthecity and cast by @shingangu (formerly trutek).

The figures were sold in three colors: (1) M.U.S.C.L.E.-like Flesh; (2) Red; and (3) Purple.

The set of three figures sold for $46 and was cast in a M.U.S.C.L.E.-like rubber. The figures did not have any packaging.

Like the first series, I balked at the $46 price tag for the second set. But I loved the first series so much that I pushed right past any hesitant. Interestingly, I spent a similar amount of money, $50 for Skreeee! and Fugtaro at about the same time.

My brain was stuck. Series one of the Pocket Brawlers cost $55 ($11 per figure). Series two of the Pocket Brawlers cost $46 ($15.30 per figure). Because neither set had packaging I assumed the M.U.S.C.L.E.-like casting material had increased in price. However, Skreeee! and Fugtaro were cast in a similar material. A rudimentary measurement could validate, or disprove, my assumption.

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

$46 for 2oz. of Pocket Brawlers

Skreeee! Fugtaro Figures MUSCLE

$50 for 4oz. of Skreeee! and Fugtaro Figures

The second series of Pocket Brawlers had two ounces of “rubber” (I don’t know the exact material); which means $23 per ounce. The Skreeee! and Fugtaro were also about two ounces each; which means $12.50 per ounce – and completely ignoring packaging.

I’m left slightly confounded. I don’t know the precise materials used for casting these sets, so I can’t fairly make any declarations. If the material costs are similar, then does overall popularity drive the prices? At the time of writing the #pocketbrawlers on Instagram had 16 posts and #fugtaro had 18 posts. That doesn’t really help either.

My final takeaway is that too many M.U.S.C.L.E.-inspired minifigures are overlooked, underappreciated, and under-purchased.

Take a look at the first figure and I’ll try to further explain my takeaway.

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

Unarguably an interesting sculpt. Personally, I love it but I’m also a realist and acknowledge some people may not.

I believe those people aren’t looking at the entire set. When I saw the first figure I thought, “That’s pretty cool.” But when I saw the second figure I loved the first even more.

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

My imagination instantly screamed, “This must be the fully engulfed version of the first figure!”

I could be 100% wrong; I’m ok with that. However, I will always argue that figures that spark imagination are the best. These figures are truly both toys and art. I have always believe the best minifigures are both.

I suspect other minifigure collectors don’t feel the same way. They want “art” and playability is a non-factor. Figures that have a playable-feel are over looked. This leads awesome lines, like the Pocket Brawlers, to be slightly overlooked, underappreciated, and under-purchased. (I hope I’m especially wrong on the last part.)

I hope I’m also 100% wrong when I say the minifigure/toy art community looks down on these keshi-type figures. Take a look at the previous winners of the “Designer Toy Awards.” I see a lot of redundancy; same people and styles winning year after year.

Take a look at the third and final figure. It features two interchangeable heads.

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

Pocket Brawlers Figures MUSCLE

Does an increase in playability decrease its “artiness?” I don’t know for sure. I suspect the prejudice to be true.

I’ll tell you why it perfectly blends playability, art, and craftsmanship for me. I loved the idea. I loved both heads. But I was hesitant to rip off a head. I worried that the neck could be too tight and tear. I decided to give a light tug and it came right off. It was easy to change the heads without damaging anything. Masterful!

I hope I am intensely incorrect. I hope the “toy art community” loves these types of figures just as much as a M.U.S.C.L.E. freak like me. I hope everybody loves them and still buys a set.

Pocket Brawlers Set MUSCLE

Pocket Brawlers Complete Set
Series 1 and Series 2


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