Epilogue – Week of February 17th

I never thought this website would have one Lester Bangs related post and now it has two. I came across this article about Lou Reed and his transsexual muse, Rachel. I’m not a huge Lou Reed fan. I’m a casual fan at best, but I found this story fascinating. What I found most fascinating and refreshing – the overall acceptance.

Not to be overly dramatic, but I wish I saw more of this acceptance every day.

Speaking of dicks, here’s your Asshole of the Week.

This auction was going to be praised, but then I figured the Reserve Price is stupid.
My first thought, “Why did he take the picture using a walker?” Then shame.
“48 Flesh and 2 Rare Colored” – makes you want to look, right! Right?
If he’s going to use the word “collection,” then he should also use the word “terrible.”
Very cool MUSCLEMANIA figure.
186 figures – both Color and Flesh.
If the #208 had been Purple, then I would say it is a fair price.
$0.99 is always worth a look.
I have many suggestions for this seller, but #1 – dont use “pocket grime” in your description. Gross.
Nice leg warp. Haven’t done an update for some time…
$29.90 over-priced.
I saw the Warp, then the Claw (which isn’t a 28-pack figure).
I may have owned this figure. There can’t be two this bad, can there?
Do you think that he thinks he’s got a Purple #2?
117 figures (but can you really “refer to the photo’s for a detailed description of the figures?”)
WHAT?!?! WHAT?!?!
Shouldn’t there be at least two figures?
Nothing great, but I like the painted bootleg.
This is a dream lot for the hardcore #123 collector.
One can.
180 Flesh figures.
250 Color figures.
The price isn’t the problem, most collectors don’t care.
Every time I buy something like this I think, “My boys need to learn to fight for when they get older.”
My 2 year-old would think I was really the Flash.

On Wednesday Kurt Cobain would have been 46. I had always been a fan, but it wasn’t until I read his journals that I felt like I began to understand him. What’s funny about that book is that I devoured it, started tracking down all the music mentioned, but I still felt like I shouldn’t be reading it. I shouldn’t have either. It’s not something that should have been released, but it was. And it made me understand Kurt Cobain like I never had before.

Happy belated birthday Kurt. Here’s on of my favorite Nirvana songs from one of my favorite movies.

I can't think of a caption
that doesn't invite even more jokes.

I kept trying to think of how to introduce this week’s Picture of the Week. I never came up with anything better than, “Yep, I wrote the book.”

M.U.S.C.L.E. and hand jobs. If I thought I got a lot of gay porn driven traffic before, then this post alone is going to bring in a bunch more traffic.

Given this week’s Epilogue I was hoping that (for most people) the picture below would serve as a decent palate cleanser.

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    love the Kurdt. My favorite song is Aneurysm

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