Epilogue – Week of August 25th

This week sure went sideways on me.

I thought I’d do M.U.S.C.L.E. figure #107 for the Guide this week. Snap some pictures, edit, get them posted and all that good stuff. Unfortunately work got crazy and my wife had to travel, then I had to travel. I actually had a few minutes late Wednesday night, but I was just too damn tired.

This week – I don’t mind. I had something happen on Sunday that helped me to stay centered. My youngest (Dr. M.U.S.C.L.E.’s assistant) helped bake some chocolate chip cookies with his Mom. I quickly snapped this picture.

It literally warms my heart. It’s easy to forget how purely happy you can be. I bought M.U.S.C.L.E. toys as a kid because they made me happy. I played with them. The toys were fun. Anytime I start to forget that, I’m going to look at this picture.

'Oh my god! I've found the rare
__(insert whatever color here)__ Claw.
I might not get another chance!'

Going in a slightly different direction, I thought I might get Asshole of the Week for the gif and jpegs in last week’s Epilogue. I was pretty far out in front for a long time too. But then I found this guy – your Asshole of the Week.

For the past few months (ok, maybe longer) anytime I see an auction like this one, where I think the price is being driven by a #153 figure, my brain instantly says, “Oh my god! I’ve found the rare __(insert whatever color here)__ Claw. I might not get another chance!”

And every time, my brain says it in that guy’s voice.

And every time, I laugh.

It’s time to let go. Nobody cares it’s a Class B.
67 figures. Mixed lot. That is all.
FYI, my offer to sell mine still stands at $599.98.
I love that price for a mixed lot like this one. A bit of everything.
I’m too lazy to do the math, but “Huge” still isn’t the right word.
For one second I thought, “Purple – please be purple.”
I guess the silver lining might be that you’ve got a month to decide?
Weird Ball Wrestlers dominate this lot, but I still like it.
“FUN.” Not if you have to force it.
When does tenacity officially turn into stupidity?
I think this guy could answer that. Who am I kidding? No he can’t.
15 Flesh figures starting at $0.99. I like it.
50 Flesh figures starting at $0.99, I like it even more.
I wish this poster started at $0.99, because I can’t see it ever selling for more than $7.
Wonderful mixed lot. One I would bid on – but not at that price.
I want to continue to say, “Fuck this guy.”
No amount of context explains this situation.

So I have a bunch of faded figures. Somewhere. Do I search for them? Or pay $3.57 for shit?

I wavered on including this comic. I guess it’s my Picture of the Week. You can read a little bit about it here. The omptimist side of me really liked it at first, but it stuck in my brain. When that happens the pessimist side of my brain starts tearing it apart. I hope you like it. If you do, we could probably enjoy a beer together.

If not, we could probably get a beer and complain together.

If you’ve stuck around this long…

I bet you were waiting for boobs.

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