Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #25

Spinning Head Ashurman
by Professor Terry

Ashurman Collection

This week MMMM is about a figure we all know, and most love, Ashuraman.

This six-armed wrestler has many different variations in the M.U.S.C.L.E line and even more in the Kinkeshi series. He is featured in practically every Japanese Kinnikman based toy line. Collecting everything Ashuraman would be: (1) a daunting task; and (2) a very large collection!

I do not actually “collect” any version of Ashuraman. The reason I have so many Ashuraman figures is because there is one in every Kinnikuman set that I actually do collect. That’s not to say I don’t like the figure – I do – and this week features the Ashuraman figures I quite like.

The common theme among the Ashuraman figures I like is the figures ability to have the head spin and show any of the three different facial expressions. As one of the Non-Poster sculpts, Spinning Head Ashuraman (SHA) to me has appeal because of this feature. The negative aspect is that the head can be easily lost which then makes the figure unappealing. Both the Chojin Power Series and Banpresto Series from Japan feature a Spinning Head Ashuraman with the head attached.

Spinning Head Ashurman Keshi

I absolutely love the Banpresto version with its three different expressions and the fact that the faces are all a different color. For under $20 this figure is worth every cent in head spinning fun alone! You can see how different each face is:

Face One

Face Two

Face Three

A towering Ashurman

I do like my larger figures as well. The Great Kinkeshi Series Ashuraman is actually the tallest in the line at almost 7 inches. He really stands out compared to other figures of the same size. He’s not an inexpensive figure but a must for any Ashuraman collection.


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