Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #60

1999 Deka Kinkeshi Reissue Figure
by Professor Terry

In 1999 Bandai decided it would be a good idea to re-release some of the original Deka Kinkeshi figures in the same way they re-released original Kinkeshi figures in 1991. This time they chose only 12 of the original 117 Deka Kinkeshi.

The 12 they chose are some of the most popular characters from the Japanese series: Kinnikuman, Terryman, Robin Mask, Rikishiman, Warsman, Ashuraman, Sunshine, Mongolman, Pentagon, Curry Cook, Teacupman, and Special 99.

The figures are all flesh and are made out of the same material as 1991 Kinkeshi. In fact, the flesh color here is exactly the same. For those who don’t know what a 1991 Kinkeshi is like, it is the closest thing the Japanese have come to M.U.S.C.L.E. rubber – still slightly more flexible but much closer than original Kinkeshi are.

A size comparison shows they are pretty much identical, maybe a tiny bit smaller. The thing I like most though is the color is consistent throughout, unlike my Deka Kinkeshi set where the color shades can vary a bit.

The figures were packed one figure per box at a price of 200 Yen, about $2 US. You had no idea what figure was in the box until you opened it. Today unopened single figure boxes go for about $10-15 each.

The reason you would buy a bunch of single figured boxes is because on the back of the packaging, there is an advertised chase Kinnikuman glow in the dark figure which is identical to the regular Kinnikuman. This chase figure is really hard to come by, it took me three years to locate one for my own collection. It’s quite difficult to get a good picture of a glow in the dark figure, I think you can see the glow somewhat in this picture.

In summary, this is a really good set, a must have for Deka collectors. It doesn’t pose a challenge to complete the main 12 figures. Finding the 13th figure is tough, but I wish there were more chase glow in the dark figures.

  1. #1 by TheRiddler on November 9, 2015 - 2:06 pm

    Nice! I have been looking into getting some original deka figures for a long time now. Great summary and pictures man!

  2. #2 by SmokinGun on November 9, 2015 - 8:48 pm

    Thats cool. I never seen a glow in the dark deka figure before.

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