Stir Up Saturday – Boiling a Figure and Grandma

I didn’t boil my Grandma. Felt like I should start with that. The title will make more sense as you continue reading.

Silver Boat Paint Figures

About five years ago I announced Environmental Sciences, which was a lazy way to say that ENVS 200 – Boiling a Figure: Silver Boat Paint was coming. I hate looking back and seeing bad posts.

The awkward part on mentioning it this week is that I mentioned the Boiling a Figure a couple weeks ago. There is not a lot to add, really only three things.

First, I conducted that “experiment” not too long after my grandmother had died. It is a weird thing to have those things connected in my brain. Life is kind of funny that way. You plan out so many things, but how it plays out is so far out of your control. My grandmother would probably think M.U.S.C.L.E. figures are dumb.

If I’m being honest, then I would know she was correct. However, the fact that I’ve found a way to “make” something instead of just wasting money would make her happy. As a child of the depression I think that would make her very proud.

It’s kind of nice to think of my grandma being happy. I haven’t done that in a long time.

The figures enter the freezer.

The second thing that came from looking at Boiling a Figure was a link, at the bottom of the page, to Freezing Figures. I kind of forgot about that.

I remember people suggesting how great freezing figures was for removing smell. I thought the idea was kind of interesting. I failed to make the post very interesting.

In fairness, I still don’t know how I could make that interesting.

And finally, humorless third-person writing was a terrible choice for the site. It is just unreadable. It might have been a fair or, at least, reasonable idea when the site started, but I hate it now. I’ll probably still use it for some parts and sections, but it’s just…academic to read. It provides information, but without any fun.

Third-person writing may have helped to provide a more level and fair voice, but it just sucked. The last thing I need to do is suck more fun out of the M.U.S.C.L.E. hobby.

Now the running the site feels more like this:

I don’t really know what that meant. I just wanted to crowbar that gif into the post. 🙂

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