Stir Up Saturday – Auctions, Quik, and 4-Packs

The UofM Auctions Saga

This post was literally a last second decision. When I looked back at five years ago I had to talk about UofM Auctions.

I must admit that I still like the idea, but it may have been the height of my naivety. Maybe if the plug-in had worked things would have moved forward, but it just sucked.

This failure did lead to Auction Watch #100, but it took almost a year. The funds from that never led to buying the plug-in because it seemed like the auction boat had sailed.

But I still wonder if it could happen? God knows I have no love for eBay and I believe other M.U.S.C.L.E. feel the same way.

The other cool thing about five years ago was that Nestle Quik discoveries still felt really exciting. Maybe other people would disagree with me, but Quik figures seem to have lost their luster.

I would argue that the reason I feel like this is because there were only a handful of collectors that cared about Flesh figures in plastic wrap with a piece of white cardboard. Once the handful of us had our fill of buying figures there wasn’t anyone else left to care.

4-Pack Archive

Maybe I’m wrong? But it would take a little work to convince me.

I also noticed the name Jason Speth – which is a name I haven’t thought of in a long time. I hope he’s doing well. I went to Facebook to see what he was up to, but I had been unfriended. If you’re friends with him, then please tell him I say, “Hello!”

Finally, I noticed an Update to the 4-pack color combination archive. I miss these. I always found it interesting. I need to figure out how close we are to having all of the combinations. I’m too lazy to do it now.

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