Stir Up Saturday – A Motley Mix

Toilet Claw #153 MUSCLEI’ve mentioned that we’re a little bit “behind” from being exactly five years ago. We’re about to hit one of those fast-forwards I was expecting. All of the posts below make up the entirety of December 2015.

Kicking things off, about five years ago, was a Toilet Claw SUS. There’s not much to revisit, but how about that fiction? I felt like a young Neo Muscle. (That joke is going to land with about three or four people.)

Mighty Muggs were the focus of MMMM #63. These were the precursors to Funko Pops, right?

Mighty Muggs MUSCLE FiguresI never really got into Mighty Muggs. I think I bought a Boba Fett one, but then, pretty quickly, decided, “I don’t really like these.”

Having said that, I really enjoyed seeing these again. I’m really impressed with what Luke was able to accomplish with these figures.

Head Dent #99

Without looking, it feels like a similar number of days have passed since there was a Warped and Error update.

I can’t prove this, but I feel like there has been a significant shift with Warped and Error figures. A few years ago collectors seemed more interested in a virtual archive. But there seemed to be a tipping point. Once there was a substantial “collection” less figures were sent in. Suddenly we were seeing people trying to sell Warped and Error figures.

Star Trek M.U.S.C.L.E. 4-PackOur opinions can differ about Warped and Error figures, but I don’t think any M.U.S.C.L.E. collector would disagree with the awesomeness of this oddity.

I can’t believe more people didn’t get excited about the 1-Pack (wink). When I saw it, my mind went right to the recent “5-pack.” Both packs were equally funny to me.

Satan Cross MUSCLE FigureI wish I could tell five-years-younger-Chad, that things are going to get worse. And you won’t be able to eliminate BIN results. But that’s not possible.

You know what else is impossible? Convincing collectors SC isn’t special. When I tracked SC for four years, like a god damn lunatic, I should have tracked another Flesh figure. In my gut I know a figure, like #62, would have shown up with similar frequency.

If I had a time machine, then I would fix that. I don’t think the butterfly effect would be too bad.

Batman v Superman DetroitThankfully I don’t need a time machine because of the Epilogue from about five years ago.

I can so clearly remember that moment with my boys. It’s weird. It’s not a monumental moment. There wasn’t something bigger happening. It’s just a beautiful memory.

A less beautiful memory is knowing I would be cut from BvS. I miss movies being made in Detroit/Michigan. I think this gif might have been the best BvS-related thing I ever posted.

It is certainly better than that piece of shit BvS movie. Good lord. Zack Snyder is good at picking things that look cool, but can’t tell a story to save his life.

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