Stir Up Saturday – Mostly UofV

Kyle's M.U.S.C.L.E. Collection PicturesAbout five years ago we were looking back five years ago. I still love Kyle’s write-up and pictures. I wonder if anybody would bother with Sociology 300 today?

The Vader gif is also still cool. It seems even more suspenseful after seeing Rogue One. It feels like waiting for Vader to burst through is endless. Great filmmaking.

M.U.S.C.L.E. Video GamesIn MMMM #62 Professor Terry took a look at some M.U.S.C.L.E. video games. I was most interested in the Japanese Super Famicom Dirty Challenger game because I knew nothing about it. In fact, Terry’s write-up is the full extent of my knowledge on that game.

As for the NES version, Terry didn’t miss anything. We all know it hasn’t aged well, but I wish it didn’t get so much hate. It was trying to do some cool things.

There aren’t many figure reviews that I can point to that were both timely and well executed. The UofV (Wave 2) review week is the exception.

Universe of Violence FiguresWhen I started reading the set-up post I was worried it would just be fluff. I can appreciate some people maybe feeling that way, but I liked it. I thought it did a nice job touching on topics and issues that probably wouldn’t have been covered in the individual reviews.

I also can’t believe how many of those links at the bottom are dead or abandoned. I know, in internet terms, that five years is a long time. It isn’t crazy for the links to be dead. But from a branding perspective I don’t understand. It’s a good thing I don’t make minifigures.

Hell Chicken Art FigureThe first figure from UoV Week was Hell Chicken. Quite simply, this is one of my favorite minifigures. There’s nothing I can add to that write-up; everything is covered.

Five years later, my only addition is a question. “What happened to UofV?”

This brand of figures should have continued. I’m sure there’s a simple back story (e.g., so-and-so didn’t want to do it anymore) but it’s still a bummer. To be perfectly honest, maybe it did continue? This goes back to my branding complaint. There are so many minifigures fighting for attention in my social media feeds. I know I tend to pay less attention to “brands” that are constantly starting, stopping, and/or changing.

Deadface Universe of ViolenceOr maybe I simply don’t care enough to figure it out. Maybe it is a bit of both.

Anyways, next up was Deadface II. I can tell by the write-up I didn’t like this figure as much as Hell Chicken. Rereading it made one sentence jump off the page. “Many figures end up gory instead of scary.”

West Nile Figure ArtI doubt anybody understood how absolutely intense of a compliment this is meant to be. There is no shortage, in my opinion, of creators that try to make “scary” figures. Most of the time the figure is simply gory. I think there is a very important distinction, and most figures can’t pull-off scary.

Wrapping up the week, roughly five years ago, was the West Nile figure. I never got a painted version. I can live with it five years later.

Wow, five years ago, this week really was mostly UofV. Mostly.

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