Stir Up Saturday – Grapes

The #196 and #195 posts kick off things from about five years ago. I think those figures were all posted in a row because I was at Disney World. I think.

Revisiting a SUS isn’t always the most fun, but I think my hypothesis was correct. I think the handful of collectors that cared about Flesh figures in plastic wrap with a piece of white cardboard have had their fill. I’m not sure new people really care about them. The $26 sale price confirms it in my opinion.

If I’m being brutally honest, then MMMM #66 isn’t Professor Terry’s strongest entry. I didn’t exactly tear it up either five years ago, so maybe we can both blame the moon or tides or something. But I was curious about his question, “Which Grape board game figure is your favorite?”

Purple Board Game Figures

Purple Board Game Figures
Left to Right: #1, #151, #154, #149, and #152

We only got three votes. Maybe commenting was too labor intensive? Whatever the reason I think it would be interesting to ask the question again as a poll. Hopefully we get more votes this time.

Grape Board Game
Which Grape Board Game Figure Is Your Favorite?

Finally, we wrap-up with AW #182. Again, blame the moon or tides or something.

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