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Stir Up Saturday – WWE and Stuff

I wanted a laundry gif this week.

It makes more sense if you read the post.

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Stir Up Saturday – Zeros

I was looking for a good price on a bulk order of Wiffle Balls. I wondered if there was a cool Wiffle Ball gif.

A few clicks later, I found this – the tradition continues.

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Stir Up Saturday – This is a Test

Here’s SUS’s random, rabbit hole gif of the week.

I saw Tank Girl on VHS when it came out. I literally have no memory of it. None. That’s weird for me.

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Stir Up Saturday – Tommy and LRG

This week’s weird gif that I discovered and liked is this one. Weird right?

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Stir Up Saturday – Damn It

Listened to some Less Than Jake as I finished this post. I thought back to some old shows. Can you believe this is the only LTJ picture I can find with Jessica?


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Stir Up Saturday – Different But The Same

My promise with every SUS, to you the reader, is an out of context gif that made me smile. Or confused me. Or anything I want.

Promise kept.

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Stir Up Saturday – Adam, Alec, Ray

I assume this is how Adam, Alec, and Ray would have taken a picture for the site.

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Stir Up Saturday – Challie

It’s Saturday.

Here’s more proof time is flying.

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Stir Up Saturday – Mostly Embarrassment

I needed something. This is what I ended up with. I like SUS getting a random gif.

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Stir Up Saturday – The Story Just Fizzles Out

This gif has nothing to do with the post. I stumbled across it. I was a bit hypnotized by it.

I needed something here.