Stir Up Saturday – Emotions

It’s kind of frustrating that the SUS isn’t exactly aligned to five years ago, but I’m 99.9999% sure I’m the only person that cares. The April 2016 break will catch us back up, but only I will be happy about it.

I also called my shot in the easiest possible way here. Really, Chad? Five years in the future you’ll nostalgically look bad at your kids? I run a, best-effort, daily blog about a toy from over 30 (approaching 40) years ago. I’m probably prone to a bit of nostalgia.

With that said, this year was a rough Halloween for me. Last year the boys were 100% into Halloween. This year my youngest was some YouTube guy. I think he just wanted an excuse to buy the person’s sweatshirt. My oldest actually had a pretty cool Logan costume, but I think he just wanted to show off his muscles. It was freezing, but he didn’t wear a jacket – just a white wife-beater. I didn’t get to go around with them.

I know it’s good for them to grow-up and practice independence. But some of those growth moments for kids are really tough as a parent.

I think I like MMMM #59 even more five years later. With M.U.S.C.L.E., at least for me, there’s a special charm when you don’t have all the information about a character. I didn’t need it as my grubby childhood hands dug through 4-packs and spun 10-packs to discover new figures.

It always sounds awful to me when I start to write, “I really like this post from five years ago.” It’s too close to being self-congratulatory about something that truly doesn’t matter. But I’ve found myself thinking it more and more with more recent SUS write-ups. I thought it again with this Editorial: Get A Grip post.

I do think it’s a good post. But I think what I am actually connecting with is finding my voice. This website started with dull, unemotional, third-person writing. Then I started to move away from third-person. It took me quite some time to find my voice – and it’s probably still evolving, I hope.

I also remember laughing to myself because I reused the plumber gif. This time I laughed because of its file name. (Just in case, you’ve never heard the joke.)

Green #168 Class A Figure$200! That was the first thought when I saw AW #177. The second was, “God damn Chad. You should have recorded final prices.” Did anyone here win that auction?

Pubic Hair MUSCLE FigureI was happy with my broken #168. But I think I said it best, if I may once again be self-congratulatory, when I said, “…I don’t need to be a martyr. I was happy when I first got my broken #168. I was happy when I got my upgrade. I imagine someone else will have that same journey.”

That may seem trivial to you, but it was an important collecting moment for me.

There’s nothing really to revisit from the Epilogue, but the pubic hair M.U.S.C.L.E. auction picture is still pretty gross.

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