Epilogue – Week of May 28th

Last weekend ruled. It’s crazy how good a three-day weekend can make you feel. I was riding a solid high: fishing, baby bunnies in the yard, and just having fun with the boys. It was awesome.

My oldest was so happy fishing. I think it might be his form of meditation. He caught his first fish, then declared, “I’m catching six today.” The first five came pretty easily. Then he hit a wall. Nothing.

When he caught the last one, which is pictured, he was so happy; so proud. It was great.

It’s crazy how fast that can evaporate. By Thursday night my ass was absolutely whipped. Not bad, just sooo busy.

The funny thing – when I posted that picture, I was happy again. I wasn’t as tired. His happiness in that moment was still infectious.

I’ve always loved the #180 figure. I have talked at length about #180 auctions and what it could mean for the hobby. There is a new wrinkle.

I saved this picture for posterity, but you can see the real auction by clicking this link.

This #180 figure is not only over-priced, but it is incorrectly identified. Further proof it can always get worse for our hobby. The M.U.S.C.L.E. hobby is quickly becoming the Disney Black Diamond Collection.

Or are we worse? Taking a look at eBay the evidence is pointing towards being worse.

I’m going to buy, at least, three of these at that price.
Over-priced, but closer to reality than most sellers.
Those clamps are ready to pop.
– Happy accident? Or did this lead to this?

How long would you keep listing/re-listing auctions? I fucking HATE eBay. I hate it as a buyer. That wasn’t true. I hate the sellers. Buying is pretty fucking easy. I was being melodramatic.

However, I do hate selling on eBay. My last experience couldn’t have been any simpler. People paid super fast, but getting the stuff shipped out never fit into my schedule. I am a slave to my Outlook calendar. I’m not complaining about being busy, but eBay is just utterly unimportant to me. I can’t imagine the dollar amount that would be needed to make it significant.

Am I in the minority?

Two more prize packs and then I’m never shipping anything again.

I know that’s not true. It’s just the end of my temper tantrum.

“I’m not an expert in M.U.S.C.L.E., so there may be some rare figures in this collection.” Why assume this?
If I saw this in my office, then that person would be fired immediately. I could never trust they would make a sound decision. It would hold up in court too.
“Might Be RARE Ones??” Fuck. You.
Fuck these. It’s Ultra Rare #234 or nothing for me.
“Rare Bright Green version…” What is the bigger lie? Rare or bright?
– Available at both $4.46 and $5.46.
Cool figure. Is the price good? I honestly don’t know.

This was the last auction I could look at. I hate to fight the vomit from coming out. I limited it to a gross vurp. Clearly this seller is worth being the AOTW.

Yeah, I think we’re worse.

I need a palate cleanser to wrap-up the week.

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