Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #106

The Best Romando Figures
By Professor Terry

Back in MMMM #93, I make a case for what I thought were the worst of the worst in terms of Romando figures and their quality.

This week I’m going to discuss which I think are the best figures in the line and why they have that distinction.

Honorable mention goes to some of the really large figures in the line such as Mammothman and King 100 Tons, making figures that large and still be decent quality is not an easy task and the Romando figures of this size are quite well made – just not quite the quality of the ones I’m about to mention.

The thing to look for when buying these figures is the one thing they all have in common – they are heavy in comparison to other Romando figures. If you get the chance to buy in person, always choose the heaviest ones. They are all better quality than their lighter counterparts.

Okay, onto the figures.

#1 Satan Cross – This is HANDS DOWN the best figure Romando made, it’s not even close. It comes in two variations, both shown here and it can be posed as two separate figures like the teal & white one or posed as one like the brown & blue one is. I personally prefer the brown and blue figure and the pose it’s in. The reason being is the back half of Satan Cross doesn’t pose as well on his own, His head is flat at the back due to its ability to be pushed through the hole in the torso of the front figure. It’s also much more intimidating as a full figure. Whether you like Satan Cross or not but are interested in collecting some Romando, then this figure is a must, regardless of color or cost!

The next Romando worth mentioning is this Akuma Shogun in burgundy. Akuma Shogun is a difficult Romando to purchase as the other burgundy variation is one of the worst made figures. If he has the sword on the end of his arms, then that’s the poorer one, even though it probably looks better, this one pictured is so much more articulated and solid. It’s a winner and possibly my 2nd favorite Romando even though I’m not a huge fan of the M.U.S.C.L.E. sculpt.

The next are Buffaloman and Warsman. I have a few variations of each figure and they are all good. Buying a Buffaloman or Warsman Romando is a safe bet. I chose the 2 pictured for a couple of reasons. The Warsman I chose because it’s the only blue one and they put blood splatter on his bear claw. That was a really nice touch and the only Warsman figure I’ve seen with that effect. The blue is also a nice welcome variation on the usual black this figure is sold in. The Buffaloman also is a variation on his normal brown skin with this red bodied version. There are a couple of Buffaloman figures in red or devil skin tone. However, I chose this one as I love the bigger chunkier horns that came in the package that fit nicely over his existing horns.

The last photo shows three Romando that also I consider among the best made. The Neptune man is nice and solid, plus he has a cool pose. The Kamehame is actually a Kinnikuman Great figure that came with a Kamehame head as he was the first Kinnikuman Great and it really matches his skin tone. You can’t tell the difference.

Lastly, the Ashuraman, also not one of my favorite figures, is easily the best Romando they made, showcasing all the arms he stole from other characters. All the other Romando Ashuraman figures are horrible in my opinion. If you only buy one Ashuraman then this is it.

I hope this is helpful for collectors but nonetheless, I quite enjoyed this weeks piece for MMMM and see you next week.

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