We’re Back!

Wow, no posts since January 28th. That’s terrible – but not as terrible as the absolute avalanche of bill-paying work that took up all of my time for the past two weeks. Thankfully, at least for now, it seems like balance and sanity is returning.

So what, right?

So here are a few things:
1. The George Gasper art/bootleg melodrama seems to have passed (although I’ll still post my feelings on art vs. bootleg), but everyone really missed the biggest faux pas in that entire video. The UofMUSCLE.com OMFG exclusive are only discussed for like 15 seconds (20:10 to 20:25) and worst of all, the WEBSITE IS NEVER MENTIONED! It’s UofMUSCLE.com George!

2. Complete the Arcane Awakening Trilogy. I’d suggest you go with the $45 option, you’ll get all three books (plus free shipping). Perhaps even more important, my comments regarding the book are in the same company as Star Wars artist Matt Busch. Check out the Kickstarter video for the project too:

3. A Non-Poster figure, SHA, sold for $600. Not a bad deal considering the last SHA that came up for auction sold for $676 without its head. Of course, that may not even be a fair comparison – here’s a headless SHA that sold for $91

4. And lastly, for the people still reading this post, a special discount. Today only, use the code WELCOMEBACK to receive a stunning 25% OFF the UofMUSCLE.com exclusive Series 2 OMFG figures.

5. It seems fair to say that Michelle Jenneke’s inclusion in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is the direct result of this post. So advertisers and beautiful woman that want to become famous please email UofMUSCLE@gmail.com as soon as possible to launch yourself, or your product, into the stratosphere.

6. God I hope I get something posted tomorrow.

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