Epilogue – Week of March 2nd

Rough week. Trying to end on a high note.

Do you know what I saw when I looked at this auction? The rug. I was instantly taken back to high school. It looks like the rug you dry humped a girlfriend on. Or puked on and had to figure out how to clean or replace. It makes me want to spill grape juice or cover in mud with mud from your cleats. Or roll up a dead body and bury in the woods before the land is turned into a Wal-Mart and forever sealed. Childhood.

Speaking of childhood, if you have kids you should at least read this link – I plan on reading the book. This is something I’ve tried to do this for a number of years now. I’ve found the the pros far, far outweigh the cons.

It also made me think, being addicted to you phone or social media has to be the stupidest addiction possible. There is just nothing cool about that. At all. At least lots of other addictions start off kind of cool (smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, etc.), but there’s nothing cool about this one. Even less cool – not being able to stop.

Awesome. Totally awesome. “…If your still reading, this auction starts at .99 cents, you can thank veers for that…”

What’s the guy in the middle?
I always laugh. This figure is in my bathtub.
I almost wish he didn’t add the M.U.S.C.L.E. pictures. I liked the mystery (this time).
Who’s happier about this one? Me or my boys?
– You put your left foot in. You put your left foot out.
If you’re going to post three pictures, please make sure they suck.
I actually like everything about this lot, except for the claim, “I’ve seen Mito go for $10 by itself.”
Because…I’m just saying…
“SOME RARE.” If you can’t tell me, then don’t make the claim.
– Do you like Sharpies? Do you like M.U.S.C.L.E. figures? If you said yes to both, then I wish this had a BIN.
“A rare find!” Does he mean the radio?
Not M.U.S.C.L.E., but still pretty cool.
I hate the price. I’d say, maybe, $35 is fair.
As I said at the beginning of the year, my hope is that this seller is color blind. Not stupid. Sadly the new pictures suggest the latter.
Is it me or are 90% of those figures from the Black Foot tribe?
For this lot, I’d offer $18.50 – tops.
– I mentioned this auction back two weeks ago. I don’t think the seller will get the $13 per pack he was hoping for. I’ll be shocked if he gets $5 a pack – given the condition.
FYI, this guy can’t move mint (to very good) 4-packs at 19.99.
And then there is this poor guy. So sad.
Pretty nice little lot.

Can anyone beat AOTW #1?

As I scanned eBay I came up with two front runners: this guy and this guy. I’ve got to tell you – I was torn. But I had to ask myself, “Who really has a chance to beat AOTW #1?”

Sure, this guy is 100% delusional. But he doesn’t have the chops to be AOTW #1. Remember, you can vote can in the upper right hand corner.

Without any further ado, the sixth AOTW match-up of 2014.


It’s been awhile since there was a Video of the Week, so hopefully this is a triumphant return. The video is from a Detroit band called Break Anchor (I’ve mentioned them before.) – the song is called “Gone.”

I can’t say that I’m in love with the video, but it’s a great song from a great band.

Growing up I watched a lot of Kids in the Hall. I mean a lot. Thankfully mu best friend growing up loved it as much as I did and we were able to make jokes and references that only he and I understood. We still do it. I don’t think my wife loves it.

However, my wife and I love to cook. And one of the things we can almost always agree on is cooking shows. Even our boys love them now. One of the first times I saw Giada De Laurentiis on TV with my wife I quickly said, “She kind of looks like the Chicken Lady.”

I was especially proud of my joke. She didn’t know what I was talking about. We do agree that nobody uses her cleavage like Giada. But I’ve always wondered if Hollywood hair and make-up, mixed with cleavage simply created an attractive Chicken Lady.

To me, this picture proves she’s simply attractive. A candid bikini shot leaves no room to hide. If you saw this woman on a beach – you would stare. Not, catch a second glance but flat-out stare.

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    “What’s the guy in the middle?” – Part-25 Warman Doll ( Most likely a bootleg, but might be real)

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