Stir Up Saturday – Donate to Toys for Tots

About this time, five years ago, not much was happening on the site. November started to sputter and not much happened in December. However things picked up in January of 2011 and entered into one of my favorite phases of the site. So Stir Up Saturday will be pretty good in the new year.

In spite of the terrible toy drive, I really want to encourage collectors to start thinking about donating to Toys for Tots. The entire year goes by and collectors rationalize how much they spend collecting toys. Whether you are a $20 a year collector or a $1,200 a year collector, please consider giving toys to kids that don’t have them.

I would guess that most of us collect because of some attachment and/or fond memories of toys from our childhoods. Can you imagine those things not being a part of your life?

Click to Donate Directly to Toys for Tots

I know there are lots of charities that could use help. They could use help during the holidays. They could use help all year. But I don’t think people want to read my thoughts about those other organizations. Hell, I wouldn’t want to hear your thoughts on charities.

But if you’re on this site, then you’re probably a toy nut. And even more likely an adult collector of toys.

I think it is our duty to make sure kids also get toys too.

And speaking of toys and the holidays, don’t be the collector prick that is loading up on trading fodder. Or buy stuff with the intent to price gouge on eBay. I know there are lots of these people in the world, but they suck. It’s not “just a part of the season” either.

God help me if someone says, “I do it so that I can pay for Christmas!” Does saving money throughout the year sound like a bad plan?

Sorry. I just hate pieces of shit that make it hard for kids to get the gifts they want for the holidays.

Ok, it took a dark turn. Tough.

Just be cool. Don’t forget to donate either.

Let’s end with something to make us smile.

Much better.

Have a great weekend!

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