Stir Up Saturday – Ashura-Bull and Stuff


What was happening 5 years ago?

If I’m being brutally honest, not too much.

Ashura-Bull was getting his name.

I didn’t have too much to say about some auctions.

And I had just learned about JCVD and Predator. This is the weirdest one for me. I feel like I’ve known this forever, but I literally learned it only five years ago. It is weird being able to pinpoint the exact time I learned something.

If I stretch the rules a little bit, then some Warped figures were being added to the archives.

Just a friendly reminder, pictures of Warped and Manufacturing Error figures are always being accepted. You can send any pictures and a brief explanation to

#193 Matrix-like Lean

I think these types of figures really get overlooked. Even more often I think people view these types of figures as negative and something they wouldn’t want to own. I can understand the perspective, but I absolutely disagree.

The closest analogy I can make for these types of figures is price tags on vintage packages. Some collectors dislike a vintage toy with a price tag. It lessens the quality because it wouldn’t be “graded” as highly. What utter bullshit.

I love knowing a little provenance for the item. I think there’s even charm to clearance tags – especially if they’re handwritten with the red pen of pricing power.

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