Stir Up Saturday – Old Jokes

Thanks to John McKinnon there is an incredibly unique new edition addition to the Manufacturing Error Figures section.

I am embarrassed this made me laugh five years ago and it still makes me smile. But the incorrect 4-pack is pretty cool.

The AW #129 both bummed me out and made me happy to reread Oswalt’s post.

I have the most to say about the Epilogue. MOS turned out to be an Episode I. That trailer had me pumped. I thought MOS was going to be awesome. It was not. It sucked.

I’ve come to realize that Zack Snyder isn’t a good movie director. He’s a commercial director. He can make stuff look cool in small bursts (30 second shots). He can’t put a long narrative together on his own.

And don’t you dare say 300 or Watchmen. He simply copied the books – like a commercial. There was a product and he made it look good.

Speaking of old jokes, that made me laugh, the one to the left still got me too. It’s weird how old jokes can still make you laugh. You know the punchline, but it still gets you.

Manufacturing Error Figure Update

Auction Watch #129

Epilogue – Week of April 14th

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