Stir Up Saturday – Various Figures

I remember thinking, “Jesus, I do not like those Five Star figures.”

I, sometimes, hate sharing that opinion when I can’t further articulate why. As I was staring at them again it dawned on me. They remind me of the cheap 12″ figures that clog up toy shelves. The figures don’t look good, the articulation is sub-par, and they’re too big. If I’m buying a big figure, then I prefer it to be more like this.

I will credit Terry for making an astute observation. The figures do have a vintage feel – and I like that part.

Speaking of things that I like, it does not include my holiday posts. What a waste of space.

When I went back to that Fourth of July post I noticed the gif had not been uploaded to my UofM server. A pretty consistent signal that I was having some kind of issue with the site. The next post confirmed it.

I wonder what was the problem? I know at one point I needed to upgrade the services I was buying rather significantly. Maybe that was it? Because it was solved fast and really only required throwing money at the problem. I think that was the problem because the posting was pretty consistent afterwards.

Monday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. Musings #8

Happy 4th of July!

Technical Issues

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